[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO32 Group E

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO32 Group E
Group E: Zest, PartinG, Impact, ByuN


smashu2 says:

That Artosis/Incontrol pylon damn !

under90seconds says:

1:13:26 Harry Potter vs Michael Jackson

smashu2 says:

It"s called a knight Artosis not a horse ! lol…

B3nTiy says:

why play byun so bad since his last big win? :/

千凝雪 says:

why dibn't byun make a raven, which could save him so much energy

Brandan Cloud says:

Finally Tastosis is back!

Böser Zipfelmann says:

Technically (technically) Stukow is not a Terran.
He is a human. He is from Earth. He is not a decendent of the first colonist who are said to be slightly mutated and genetically diverse from earth-humans who called themselves Terrans.
Now, terrans might still be humans, but a human from Earth is most ceratinly no Terran. Confusing, I know. But still…

I apologise for the nerdism.

p1 ls says:

Impact played so well

我们需要自由Wake up says:

zerg has been too strong for almost a half yeast, but no one still trying to d anything. I admit nerd can be strong at the later game, but in the early game it is just so hard to counter zerg in current version. Someone, do something.

Grassy Tiger says:

This was the best to watch on acid

Alkalite says:

lol byun looks so bad.

Vladimir Lagos says:

The cloack of Has can already be felt rippling through the force in this group.

AtamanTube says:

Thank god Tastosis is back!

Logan Prince says:

Btw bas dis the Same to Showtime 3 days ago

JeyJeyJ Jung says:


王子昇 says:

damn parting is still so strong!

Henrique Alberto de Andrade says:

Zest vs Parting 21:50
Impact vs ByuN 52:30

George Grias says:

Does anyone know when/if does the new ASL Sc remastered season start?
여러분 감사합니다

Offensive Bias says:

22:00 games start

Termitreter says:

Did Artosis go to business school? All that talk about equity and elasticity 😀

Hal Calaquendë says:

Artosis pylon lost that game

Lavender Ocean says:

Tasteosisssssssss BACK!

Jordan Terry says:

Wow the mind games PartinG used in the first game against Zest were amazing! Also so happy to have Tastosis back

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