[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO32 Group F

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO32 Group F
Group F: TY, RagnaroK, Bunny, Trap


DlGlT says:

Traps are gay

ShiroiKage009 says:

1:51:10 is the beginning of my new favorite Tastosis bit yet.

Ralf Anari says:

Looking at the montages of earlier groups you can see that terran and protoss are having most fun this patch, zerg literally has nothing interesting to do besides either play raynors million counterattack multitask style or just the usual : defend until broodlords zvt every single game. Blizzard is going in the same terrible direction as league with their design, trying to hammer every race into their niche style without alternatives, in earlier expansions zerg at least had earlygame options, right now it looks like the same old defend until ultras/broodlords game.

Fun Onion says:

that interview lady.. beautiful and ugly and sweet in the same time. I would date her.

vatch says:

noice tracks

Sophos Utm says:

There is only one Bunny and he is the Danish player!!!! There can be no other!!!

Andrés Pieper says:

Give Artosis some coffee. That jet lag was a bit too much it seems.

Nunyabidness says:

TY vs Trap first game contributed to my early on set dementia

Chaz Kondo says:

is dis counter craft or star strike

ShiroiKage009 says:

"Ah you dirtbag."
I love that.

Thing 3242#252 says:

In TvT and TvZ usually Mech > Bio

Chris Fear says:

Bunny trap? my favorite.

p1 ls says:

Jin air forever

JT Saiyan says:

Trapped BUNNY

내딸50서영이 says:


Joseph Beltran says:

We need code a back

Mie Rex says:

3:31:48 best part of this whole video

Caddda Jesssgh says:

What song @ 2:39:23?

silverspawn says:

Take a look at 2:21:07

It's ragnarok's second game against bunny. Ragnarok evacuates all mutalisks because of a single turret. I'm pretty sure that if he just stays there, eats the damage, and targets down SCVs until the entire mineral line is gone, he wins the game and the series ends 2:0 rather than 1:2. He is 44 army supply ahead but even in workers, trading mutas for SCVs is exactly what he wants, and he had a chance to do it quite efficiently.

Really glad TY ended up winning. Otherwise that one moment would have probably decided everything.

المخلص فقط JESUS says:


ーワードro検索キ says:

Bunny – trap game looks like a bronze match

wch says:

Since it's a four-player group, what would happen if one player gets dequeued?

Shawn Shi says:

can’t believe Bunny lost that first game

Taylor Ray Howard says:

Game 1 starts at 15:32

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