[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO32 Group H

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO32 Group H
Group H: soO, SpeCial, KeeN, Rogue


Christopher GV says:

SpeCial go go go!

Alan Feng says:

3:39:35 Special's glasses are fogged from that intense as hell game

barden82 says:

10/10 for the play Special, but 1/10 for the shaving 😀

ikki itsuki says:

The second Zerg is just too different compare to the first , Special

Justin Kim says:

that fat commentator shows he want special to win. let me say this, hey fat fuck if you are commentator you shouldnt showing it, YOU ARE SO AMATEUR,

dwadl says:


Lord Beerus says:

were is others ty and other win

Caoilainn Bergh says:

That alarm klaxon.

Retro .Spekta says:

Why is that mexican always building a wall?

Adam Beckett says:

It's in the GSL rulebook? If North-Korea attacks, you STILL have to FINISH THE GAME at all cost! What else would you like to do with the last 10 minutes of your life?!

I really like the non-oiled banter btw NoRegret & Artosis. It adds fresh thoughts on strategies, worth listening to.

There's only so many times TimeBones can repeat "keeping him honest" & other well trotted tropes.

After so many years, the Tastosis Archon is often on autopilot. It's a natural evolution chamber, not a neg criticism.

EvilBillz says:

Really enjoyed Artosis with NoRegret! Keep up the great work Jake! Also by the way some great games and series!

Thomas Emil Hansen says:

What happened to soO? Is he giving up? Will he retire? I sure hope not, but today he looked like he didn't care much about advancing.

NatTech says:

Have a good morning afternoon or night wherever you are

psilo cybin says:

Legendary e-bay block ლ༼ ▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿ლ༽

MystiKasT says:

Much better by noregret

Jason Worrall says:

… noregret giving cannon rushers grief… Rich stuff lol that guy has ling rushed just about every game I've seen him play

bLedq says:

What is the TECH stat? They show it in bottom right corner next to resources lost and idle time.

Casual Hobbies says:

guys, how do you drop a scan playing protoss?

Nikolai Penev says:

I always thought the armor upgrade icon for infantry was just the shoulder of a suit, is it actually a shield like the guys said?

Michael Ritchie says:

This Ro.16 is going to be so damn crispy. mmmm

Nikolai Penev says:

At 1:31:34 I thought Artosis was gonna say "Oh! What a pretty girl!", but instead he went "Oh! Gas pool first!" …what a nerd god! 🙂

fdp_ says:

Loved NoRegret on the cast, nice change of pace!

Hugo Cardenas Ulloa says:

Really liked that first game ghost attack.

Ian Tucker says:

Really enjoyed the commentators on this one.

Nicholas Lopez says:

keen super impressive, but he will never beat rogue or dark

Grassy Tiger says:

Someone needs to tell keen to unload his God damn medivacs, he wasted so much supply by just losing full medivacs.

Jeffrey Ormsby says:

Noregret is a cheesy, obese, bad-mannered dumbfuck and it was great seeing Artosis put that idiot in his place. He has no talent in StarCraft or even in commentary. The only talent he has is how many burritos he can jam down his throat on a daily basis.

Victor Dilas says:

NIce couple casters make

TrueFlameSC says:

Awesome matches, awesome commentary.

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