[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO4 Day1

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO4 Day1
RO4 Match1: Neeb vs TY


R Garipov says:

so funny to read all those whiny toss comments about floating terran buildings hahaha the race that can pump out workers 1.5x faster than terran + not waste time actually building the buildings (or sac workers for buildings like zerg do) and theyre complaining lol

Vladimir Lagos says:

Spoiler alert…

I think Neeb was hit harder than it seemed by that draw. You could see his spider sense wasn't as fine tuned from then onwards, and with an opponent as well-rounded as TY any small advantage you concede will count in his favor.

dammond696 says:

i love how ty plays he loves getting his troops into battle

Neelzen says:

Okay so why do you guys have to spoil the game in the comments? Just why?

Micheal Pacitto says:

The translator looks just as socially awkward as Neeb.

Bloodreaver says:

TY the cheapest non zerg player there is.

Far2ManyDrugs says:

amazing games up to game 5. TT

Elykus says:

maybe another 7 years and we can get to the finals

Dexter Castor says:

Gyuri so fine 😍😍

Eli Burningham says:

TY plays like a bitch and complains about a cold after Leenok had surgery lol. “Pity me too”

Thomas Emil Hansen says:

That draw was one of the best games I've seen.

Calvin Abbasi says:

Anyone know the song during loading screen/commentary before game 3??

GeekStar says:

The draw is dumb mechanic. Why should Terran have this kind of advantage? Only buildings that are not lifted should count as buildings.

Neeb should have won this. He was not himself after that dumb draw.

Grekoh Moobybah says:

Potentially infinite games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yon Connor says:

heart attack game…

under90seconds says:

Spoiler alert!

Neeb: One recall away from finals 🙁

revolutionalist says:

If you think TY is good, watch Maru who bich slap the top 2 protoss to win gsl S1 and s2



백경렬 says:

실례지만 어데….닙씹니까?

KevinHo says:

Lol neeb do you honestly believe you can win Gsl? Lol

MrJonni3000 says:

TY never gives up, even when it looks very bad for him

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