[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO4 Day2

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[ENG] 2018 GSL S3 Code S RO4 Day2
RO4 Match2: Maru vs Zest


Kirk Brown says:

I like how everyone is crying for nerf proxy instead of finding a way to beat it. People so lazy nowadays. They want a boring straight forward game instead of finding a way to hold it off.

What will the game be if everytime some good strat comes up, Bliz just nerfs it because the community is lazy to find a counter?

MrJonni3000 says:

Zest needed a couple of queens

Thomas Emil Hansen says:

Maru hard counters Zest. I'm pretty sure he could have won the 4th game as well if he hadn't gone for that risky all-in.

Mad Fik says:

The sounds of widow mine explosions will haunt Zest's dream that night for sure.

Michael Kosmider says:

PLEASE pad the end of the video with at least an hour of blank screen. Knowing the length of the video is A MASSIVE spoiler. Every other Esport does it, why doesn't starcraft? I expect better than this.

Donish Cushing says:

Proxy rax every single game… The widow mine game was a smart choice because P had no detection. But really… If he didn't proxy rax every game… There might need to be some building blockers added to the maps. It's pretty annoying.

Tomas M. says:

Yeaah that last game looks balanced to me for sure, in any of these games actually it looks stupid, protoss units are pure trash, even orcale needs to hit scv 3 times, even proxy unscouted is laughable, when in fact it should be a killing critical dmg… its fucked and sad to watch, protoss has to be very lucky to win. Its my point of view so dont fucking murder me for having an opinion

vinkaks says:

Maru be like, "Are you not entertained?"

KoG GoK says:

59:42 why is artosis trolling and calling 1 pylon powering everything an incontroll pylon? we all know those are called artosis pylons.

Alberto Cabrera says:

a veces me pregunto como coรฑoooo puede ser stats tan pendejo y perder con zest y ver como maru le parte el trasero asi tan facil esto es frustrante para los aficionados protoss del mundo entero

ParleLeVu says:

Zest isn't his old self. I think Neeb was the only hope to beat Maru, but he also easily was rekt by Maru in the group. Neeb had TY, but didn't recall to go up 3-1 and probably take the series.

Rez J says:

As a Toss, SOS has taken advantage of proxy and the ensuing chaos forever. Now that Maru is using the same strategy, fucking toss and zerg is crying foul. Suck it up bastards.

Marcelo Vilas Boas de Castro says:

too short. I didnt see it yet, but i feel like maru 4-0 zest again ๐Ÿ™

j l says:

This just isn't fun to watch man. Idk… Like I get it, Maru is so good. But the proxy building meta is getting so old and is just plainly not fun to watch. I hope it gets fixed solely so that SC2 survives.

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