[ENG] 2018 GSL Super Tournament II Ro.16 Day1

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[ENG] 2018 GSL Super Tournament II Ro.16 Day1
Maru vs Rogue, sOs vs KeeN, Impact vs Solar, Stats vs Trap
Thursday, Sep 27th 5:00pm [KST]


Adam Beckett says:

Day 2 http://vod.afreecatv.com/PLAYER/STATION/37296186
… eaten by the copyright cat? And "yes", you NEED to watch Day 2. Creator vs TY had a game you have not seen before!

Hey Cortana says:

Tasteless needs to step it up a bit. The end in the final game totally needs to be commented on but Tasteless dont even know whats going on. Just shadows Artosis without any critical thinking. And Artosis is overulled with Tasteless' hurry to get the cast over…

Simen Li says:

Please post this somewhere else than this garbage webpage

Komintepanatbra says:

Day 2 stream got taken down, I hope they upload it again

Duc Tran says:

why day 2 got copy right strike? wtf? seriously youtube.i guess it watch it on afreeca TV then

ImmortalTrip Jeffrey says:

cant watch day 2 ..WMG WTF

Brad Gerard says:

I'm confused at end didn't trap win not stats?

MrCarlos0435 says:

Give terran the trophy already.

muffinspuffinsEE says:

Song: 2:34:25 ?

M3t4lManiac says:

We're just going to keep pretending this shitty game is balanced? I fucking hate all of you and your stupid fucking lies. The casters lying, the fans, you're just all full of fucking shit. This is the worst game in history. Congrats StarCraft you can go suck a fat one. Kill yourselves, seriously.

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