[ENG] 2018 GSL Super Tournament II Ro.8

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[ENG] 2018 GSL Super Tournament II Ro.8
Saturday, Sep 29th 5:00pm [KST]


dosizmp says:

fuckin maru cheesser

Jake Casperson says:

Dream Catcher seems so hard for ZvT

Ed C says:

Where are the VODs for the rest of the tournament?

Woo sa says:

I became a fan of dark after his match with bunny. I noticed it before, but he really makes a point to punish those who disrespect pros in the game, especially an old school legend like Soo. bunny deserved getting clowned. triple manner hatch LOL. you never manner mule Soo, never.

Matthew says:

Lesser known SC2 fact; if you manage to get one of your creep tumors to the far side of the board you can upgrade it to an Ultralisk.

Max Dishaw says:

I could play GSL with my screen off and just listen to these two all day

Bacon says:

Phoenix vs phoenix is the most boring thing i've ever seen in this game, wow.

sirgallium says:

1:20 the most dramatic music ever

Playoba says:

Great matches 🙂

Playoba says:

The music they were playing sounded so awful

Daniel Mehefko says:

Dark vs Bunny

"It looks like someone spilled jam all over the map."

"There's creep on our desk right now, there's creep on the audience."

Gilbert Carrizales says:

Yea pretty sure Maru let sOs win so he can go to Blizzcon. Maru already has his slots sealed so he's not worried about anything.

Asahel says:

I will said it again and again I don't respect player who rely too much in psi storm

gom tv says:

I have not followed sc2 for many years, it seems like the game is in such a good place right now (at least from a viewer perspective). Games are so fun to watch!

Alex N says:

protoss balanced

Adeptus Astartes says:

Jesus solar vs stats was just cringe after cringe

Ken says:

Stats looked like he threw on purpose. He did so many questionable things that Stats normally doesn't do. WTH was that about? Or just me?

Michael Naaden says:

foreigners in the crowd is great

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