[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group A

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[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO16 Group A
Group A: Classic, RagnaroK, Hurricane, FanTaSy


clvinning says:

The depot sends his regards

Gregory Booth says:

Artosis laugh gives me aids

King Lif says:

sometimes you have to pause and admire the details all over the map.

Skye says:

That dude classic's body language and mannerisms comes off so cocky. Yeah hes good and fun to watch. But not someone Id talk to.

bert boer says:

So I didn't watch the entire draft or anything. But it's weird right? Doesn't everyone just pick whoever they think they can most easy win against (which generally will be the weaker players). Which should usually mean that the weak players are picked early and group D is just crazy stacked like we see now?

ken adams says:

izrail fagots

Frederico says:

We are watching "Tastosis" 1:34:30 <3 from Portugal

wai wai says:

tastosis should work for dan harmon

Ethan says:

Thats the only time he's seen tremors while naked in a bed.

JT Saiyan says:

hurricane is not that good JS compare to other protoss he's probably the weakest

J2 digital says:


I want ragnarok to lose.

I'm glad he did. He can't hurt some of my favorite Terran players anymore.

Bevillain says:

Gyuri's voice went down an octave this broadcast

Richie Ear says:

1:59:46 anyone know the song?

HellScream HellScream says:

the thing with a push is that the defense is supposed to get advantaged, cause the "pusher" has reinforcements crossing all the map to join the forces which are already in the enemy base, so the defender can always have a decent army and a chance to adapt to the attack. and the PRISME fucks all this logic, and makes a protoss timing push overpowered because the reinforcmeent cant get scouted(to know if the pusher still commit or stopped the rush) or get cut before they arrive, they simply instantly join the party xD. Protoss pros figured it out and abuse of it thats it.

Vctn_ says:

Protoss is ridiculous at the moment urgh

Absent Minded says:

The youtube gsl chat is actually the most retarded chat i've ever seen. Definitely glad i watch these on twitch live. If you need any proof that SC2 community is just as toxic as League of Legends, his name is Glob Two

InturnetHaetMachine says:

God ,Artosis is so obnoxious, can they kick this dumbass out already?

newgamer85 says:

Husky did a really hard hitting q&a on his new channel

내딸50서영이 says:

정명훈은 그냥스타1으로 돌아가는게 맞는것같다 경기력이 너무 형편없다 역시 예상대로 성주없으면 도우내 김도우GSL3번째우승이 확실하고 남기웅 토스전만 극복하면 일낸다

Coastal Umbra says:

First match starts – 28:58

Nanorine says:

Tasteless head.

James Pack says:

Damn. That skip during series 4 took us two games ahead…

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