[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO8 Day1

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[ENG] 2019 GSL S2 Code S RO8 Day1
Ro.8 Day1: Classic, soO, Trap, INnoVation


zensunni says:

The true winner of the GSL 2019 S2 is psi storm…

Simon Hardt says:

The thing is that the dumbass protoss players doesnt even have their units in diffrent control groups. I cry everytime i see a colossus or a immortal get interferenced, and the dumb ass so called "top tier" protoss players just keeps a clicking their whole army forward, making the coloss and immortal just walk up and give their life to the terran. Imagine a world where Terran or Zerg being able to grab all their army and a click it into a toss, while they go home and macro in their base letting their op deathball army fight on their own without any micro.

Sk4nd4l says:

could there be an imbalance? i dont wanna only toss in semis. wtf

Killershootin 69 says:

These thumbnails lol

Prickles2001 says:

This shit's getting old…

Russell Slaughter says:

They need to nerf warp in from prism. Being able to have 20+ supply in any place with such a small investment is broken. Along with the fact it takes 4 seconds to return all that supply to your main base. This gsl is the result of people finally putting all the small imbalances of protoss adding up. Strength of immortal, abundance of splash, easy endgame air siege tanks, instant reinforcements anywhere, recall saving over commits, and the free comeback mechanic of chrono.

Ralph Paxton says:

I've been saying for a year that Protoss is soooo overpowered.

Fudge Nipples says:

Can anyone tell me when ASL is coming back? I miss ASL.

Robert Dares says:

Anyone else notice that innovation is wearing a Nike swoosh that isn't covered, but Special had to cover his? Why the double standard?

babycankles297 says:

If Storm is instant cast, Snipe should be as well imo

Chris Williams says:

I really hate watching mirror match ups. Very boring.

MrWolf says:

Dark, our last hope

tylerdmx says:

This game is getting stupid by the second, Protos is waaaay OP with all the splash damage and the prism… BLIZZARD!!! do something!!! fix this crap, all protos to the semis proly!!! if that doesnt ring a bell!!!

Roderenne says:

fucking trash

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