[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 Code S RO16 Group B

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[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 Code S RO16 Group B
Group B: Trap, Cure, herO, TY


Delirious says:

1:57:15 tasteless laugh

King of the Chonks says:

who is the female interviewer?

Liveeruptsuj says:

Great ending comments about the outfits, cheers

Nhika says:

First game, mine drop should have won it. Toss just ignores the mines, they die and he wins with blink stalkers… Second game, insane hellion opener, only kills 4 probes. It's this kind of bullshit that keeps me away from this game lol. Any game protoss that does the same thing, a drop or 5 units zip past your army.. -10 to 20 scvs and game ends lmao

Oh Toss wants to oracle cheese? -10 scvs
Any unit drop? gg lol

I still don't understand to this day why SCV hp is still so low compared to other races that build them faster..

Liveeruptsuj says:

Great cast and games. Gotta say, every time Tasteless or anyone inadvertently uses the phrase 'in control' I feel a pang in my chest. I'm still not over it.

Sergio Aguilar says:

Good job ty….u LL get ur Revenge against trap

Aaron Schnacky says:

Artosis & Tasteless are the best

Nathaniel Luginbill says:

Tasteless' including Jar Jar in the Dark Crystal TV show: Genius

Jeff Joy says:

"Everyone just really needs to chill out!" – Artosis 2019AD

David H. says:

So sad that Protoss has no "Technology" that can kill a human in one hit… It's the "Tickle to Death" race— Run Away!!! Fkng sad, Blizzard… Zealot AI horrible — No continuous rush All Protoss Fleet — shi* dmg… Costs 2x as much… Fkng Sad Blizzard. Medivac get's hit by two Tempest Shots — "Who tickled my a$$?"

NeutralGenericUser says:

46:47 Why do casters say "beautiful storm"? every storm is just OP and pretty much obliterates everything. How many HTs did he even have? JFL at researching storm like a minute earlier then suddenly having enough storms to just a move through the entire Terran army, despite him being ahead the entire game and just taking out your warp prism. It's pitiful how underpowered Terran is, and it's a shame that we have so many high calibre Terran players who are amazing at Micro and Macro and everything else to make the top tier matches even out. If Terran players were only as skilled as Protoss or Zerg players, they'd get completely dominated.

Premier KG says:

please take pro gamers as one of the casters, they explain very interesting things.

AortaHeart says:

Anyone got the name of the song at the beginning? 😮

Chucky Deezal says:

Congrats on the baby!!

db says:

Hire Falcon Paladin

thnktank1 says:

Tastetosis ASMR

Josh Duncan says:

can't believe hero didn't right click down that planetary before if finished. i feel that was the turning moment for cure. 2:51:10

A A A says:

2:34:00 What an absolutely amazing EMP there!

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