[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 Code S RO16 Group C

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[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 Code S RO16 Group C
Group C: Maru, Solar, Stats, Rogue


Dragon Kim says:

Plese nerft that Nidus swarm !!

mikey0188 says:

Been watching these matches off and on for a day or so. The korean late game is something to watch.

NeutralGenericUser says:


I'm SO glad Maru made it!! Really happy to see him in Ro8. I hope he gets another Code S win this season.

Jordan Terry says:

3:09:58 I’ve never heard a better impression of a drunk Kermit the frog

Vaettra says:

Are korean girls attracted to Starcraft nerds, for real? I know SC2 is like, the Korea national sport, but still – biological and psychological Koroean girls wouldn't be that much different from western-world girls, who wouldn't look twice at someone like Neeb, Maru, Classic, SpeCial, Dear, Solar and so on. So many ugly nerds. And yet we see attractive korean girls in the audience, with signs like "Marry me Serral!"

Nickolai Law says:

i think maru purposely lose first match against solar to avoid meeting his team mate rogue in winner's match, which can be a team strategy. Rogue surely confident enough to beat stat in order to carry out this strategy.

Luke R. says:

Calgary represent

jie yang says:

welcome back Nuke!!! Hell Yeah !!! Unfortunately, Maru is bad on banking and mining!!! Hahahaha, That's how he always do!!!

Halfeti says:

Artosis causes a second peace walker incident

steppenwolf says:

Tastosis have no clue what's going on in game.. hehe

Some guy says:


ONoesBird says:

Solar stopped winning when he started using non free zerg late game units… Says a lot about this meta. The only thing I don't really understand is why Korean Zerg don't CONSTANTLY abuse this "meta" as EU and NA pros do. I feel that if they did and Zerg had an even higher win rate over there, Starcraft 2 would be patched to correct it accordingly. Did we forget how quickly the "OP" ravens were patched for only a few players using them like Maru did.

Curtis Wilkins says:

why do i always see players hold and swish their drink of water around in their mouth? is that a korean thing?

Geoffrey Clark says:

Such epic macrogames demonstrating the peak of the meta at the moment. Rogue's 2 Base Nydus Swarmhost game was amazing as well

Jeff Joy says:

I think game 2 of solar vs rogue was the highest level zvz I've ever seen.

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