[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 Code S RO8 Day2

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[ENG] 2019 GSL S3 Code S RO8 Day2
RO8 Day2: Rogue, Zest, Maru, RagnaroK


Philippe durrer says:

Game 3, OMFG how Maru kills a race thats totally OP with godlike play, his skill is like 2 leaques ahead… Mindblow

Chaz Allen says:

"6 o'clock on a smaller clock" ROFL

Deeo Eraclea says:

What is the first song

James Haskell says:

The translator sounds like he has peanut butter stuffed in his mouth. Please get rid of him. Maybe he got this job due to his being related to the organizers. But he can’t speak properly and it’s difficult to listen to him.

Ryan Martin says:

anyone saying zerg is op is stupid af


Starts @23:20

Alexander Kappel says:

Gyuri is really an angel. Gyuri you are awesome, keep it up 🙂

Jacob Underwood says:

Maru getting advice from a better Zerg than Ragnarok (who's closely watching Ragnarok) inbetween each game. #FeelsBadMan

Jacob Underwood says:

Artosis talks about Ultralisks on In Depth 2 weeks ago and every professional Zerg player on the planet listens closely. He's so good at analysis casting, the game corrects itself when he's wrong.

Jordan Terry says:

My favorite part of this season is how they tried to cause a jin air team kill between Mary and rogue in the round of 16 and now there both through to the semifinals without ever having to play each other.

jie yang says:

Hey, Blizzard, I think you should give Maru a special treat!!! Give him Goliaths!!!

RipTheJackR says:

Tastosis won this round of eight.


long time to watch you play SC2. i miss you, Zest.

Ryan Cowan says:

I hope Maru keeps this up all the way through the finals

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