[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague ASL S7 Grand Finals Last vs Mini

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Original video taken down by WMG because of copyright.
Reuploaded with most music either cut or muted.


Dany Venegaz Lujano says:

No entiendo ni mrd. Pero el presentador parece que lo esta puteando antes de empezar la partida. Jajajajjjaj

Oleg K says:

WTF! 480p??

Uncle Randal says:

artosis bringing out his "big game" persona. kind of funny, almost seems weird when they get in serious caster mode

Kisai says:

The semis were dope at least. Solid but not half as good

Michal Nyklíček says:

Disapointment final..

Mateus Marcuzzo says:

Thanks for the up

Andy Nguyen says:

I was looking for this!

darkfanimewatcher says:

Fight until you die by the blade
of the one you hate. End of reason, end of the game.

Ben Silverman says:

Why was this so hard to find?

krazyaim says:

Thank you!!

kof ola says:

Sold out? Awesome!

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