[ENG] AfreecaTV Starleague ASL Season2 Semi Final Flash vs Jaedong 1080p Starcraft

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Flash vs Jaedong ASL Seoson2 Semi Final English cast by Artosis and Tasteless on January 17th, 2017.

On previous video I’ve noticed that the video has jitter(lag) issues especially on game2 and game3. Also I forgot to remove some copyright music. So I just re-upload vod.

Flash vs Jaedong is the greatest rivalry in StarCraft, and one of the greatest rivalries in any sport. It’s so rare to see two players be so dominant at the same time. The biggest rivals in the Esports meet again at ASL(AfeecaTV StarLeauge) Season 2. It took 1835 days to see them again in Starcraft : Brood War.

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Travis Biber says:

don't forget people when you buy and install StarCraft bw you need to install the iccup launcher or you won't have anyone to play with since no is dead

Jiraiyeah says:

This is the real STARCRAFT

Alex Friedman says:

freakin tastless keeps calling flash jaedong. so annoying. and even more annoying that jaedong lost o.O  .

Zdeněk Matula says:

it's just so awesome, they still play this game for a real pros :-)

UXSpecialist says:

Artosis shows his insecurity as an announcer the most when he 1. makes light of things that other announcers say and 2. Keeps making predictions that are totally false!!!!
Stop making predictions! it's super annoying! Great games though

UXSpecialist says:

this game is superior to sc2, and more fun to watch by a factor of 10…

UXSpecialist says:

tasteless: uh, jaedong may go for a Hydra rush!

artosis: ah, nah, I don't think so, nothing out of the ordinary..

2 minutes later..

artosis: he's going for a Hydra rush to win the game!!

^ this is why I don't like arrogant announcers.

tasteless had a much much much better grasp of the game.

sorry to say this but artosis is a want to be.

UXSpecialist says:

Blizzard is not what they used to be…

Max Zhu says:

life saving. Thanks

Dio says:

Thank you for this! When I found out this happened, I searched everywhere to find a good video of it.

ThinkingPrimate says:

flash is back? fucken awesome, thanks for the upload!

Merto6 says:

so terran basicly does the same every single game

Boxy Brown says:

So awesome, thanks for this! Keep posting Broodwar matches!

Beanie WeeneeTv says:

tasteless sounds like he would make good batman

Neto Santos says:

whats the song at 6 min?

trtnec says:

classic brood war music waaay better than SC2

andYz00m says:

Tastetosis for life. Thank you.

Thooorin says:

Really fun series

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