[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) Ro4. Day1

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2016 AfreecaTV StarLeague Season 1


Jens Robot says:

lmfao Artosis totally left Tasteless hanging there. Poor Tasteless – was a fun line, just got ignored :P

Netmunk says:

Those nostalgic conversations of old Broodwar memories by Tasteless and Artosis are just golden <3

Simon S says:

Anybody know the song starting at 00:04:24?

Cyndi Roach says:

25 energy to cloak, 1 energy used for every second it's cloaked.

Antonhy Rojas Gomez says:

good games !! the final is last vs sharp, win last !! :D

Netmunk says:

Guys, you gotta share, like, comment this stuff to death! So we still can see more of this in future, especially with Tastosis.

Netmunk says:

Tastosis <3

frostvr says:

Amazing players! Amazing series! Thank you!

магнетто Магнус says:

Terran vs Terran againe ):

Inet Guardian says:

Need 1:09:46 song very much!!!11!1!Please,help me.

Herms123 says:

thanks for casting great games!

retr213 says:

brace yourself, there is at least one fuck with one off is coming

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