[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S2 Ro.16 Day1

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AfreecaTV StarCraft League[US] – http://afreeca.tv/36855042
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/AfreecaTV


chrismasterith says:

Sorry Afreeca, I can't watch this :(

M00shu says:

The stuttering makes this video unwatchable.

Snowflake Pillow says:

Dropping Herman Hesse references AND "escape memeocity"? The casting is better than ever and Tasteless isn't even back yet. :D

sdhfigu1 says:

go to http://afreeca.tv/36855042/v/55087 that stream actually works

Matt G says:

The video stops all the time but the audio seems fine?? unwatchable so far :/

조은래 says:

진심 병구 뽕에 취한다…

German Arena says:

worst group

Young Man Seo says:

중계는 어느측에서 하고있는건가요?

Barrie Galitzky says:

Please Rapid go play on the fish server and come back when you know what you're talking about.

Thompson Wellington says:

Season 1 = Unprofessional casting by Rapid & unflattering dress-code for players (sandals, shorts etc)
Season 2 = Players' dress-code fixed with ASL jackets but MORE unprofessional casting by Rapid, Spoiler Thumbnails & now an entire laggy video! (BOTH English & Korean versions lags). Why is Rapid casting when he does not even bother to learn the names of units, after an entire season 1 of ASL?!

Not hating, just wanted to comment honestly. Why is there lag in a 1998 PC game in the year 2016??? Totally unacceptable, no excuses! Imagine if you are one of the sponsors, I bet U would be even more annoyed than the fans & viewers. ASL is a great tournament, undermined by lousy production values, especially the horrible English casting by Rapid, which comes with lag now!

Zachery Larocque says:

Still needs to finish processing

박지호 says:


fbasicst says:


Alexander Kadatskiy says:

It seems that time jumps happen through the whole video, what makes it quite unwatchable.

Cry Fisch says:

its broken :(

Aldon says:

I am experiencing some jumps in time. In the first game it goes directly from 1:00 to 4:00

zelderan says:

thank you afreeca for posting the english versions and letting artosis/tasteless/rapid cast <3

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