[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S2 Ro.8 Day1

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AfreecaTV StarCraft League[US] – http://afreeca.tv/36855042
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/AfreecaTV


jac jul says:

tasteless is killing it! xD

hdizzle says:

lol bisu not the same person as he was

All R says:


kirjian says:

"Showing Bisu who's Bosu" 10/10

DraconisMarchVII says:

Why does it go best of 1 up until round of 8 where it suddenly jumps up to best of 5?

FranticMydlo says:


Noel Casimiro says:

Tastosis just had an orgasm in game 3. The best casters ever.

masuat says:

epic set!

Netmunk says:

what a series! So happy for Sea! Hwaiting!!

elliot young says:

super hype "GG" at the end tasteless

Commissariat says:

I feel like Sea is the anklebiter, the GateKeeper. Creaming legends in the round of 8 with 3-0s

Matt Omahan says:

LOL that got weird at the end

Davidoh1 says:

Damnnn GG

Martin Latour says:

Underwhelming by Bisu

chrismasterith says:

WTF is nick doing with his hair?

Hyral Gambit (#BroodWar2016) says:

Lag free VOD: http://afreeca.tv/36855042/v/56419

(If this VOD is still lagging)

Tian Cheng says:

I dislike PvP and PvT in broodwar.

woof132 says:

how about they mention that the only reason brood war went away was because blizzard wanted to sell its new game and pretty much forced pros to switch to sc2? they keep talking about brood war like some strange, mysterious, unknown event caused it to fall from the pro scene. puh-lease

FishyFLCL says:

The sea engulfed Bisu

RPGabe says:

"Because he's about to be a dead nerd, Tasteless" so good

테르모필레 says:

what's the song at 1:12:17?

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