[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S3 Ro.24 Day1

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AfreecaTV StarCraft League[US] – http://afreeca.tv/afasl
AfreecaTV StarCraft League[KOR] – ttp://www.afreeca.com/afstar1


Warchief Thrall says:

I'm sorry but this video deserves a big dislike, asl spoiled the finals

Christ vargas says:

I cant wait for remastered to come out and see it being number 1, or top 5, on twitch with tournaments and people playing it

Arthur Kay says:

shuttle lost his shuttle T.T

Adrian Sullivan says:

This is so awesome guys 😂😂

Justin Patel says:

After watching a lot of GSL, sometimes I forget how much Tasteless knows about Brood War. He was essentially leading the analysis of that last game.

chrohnix says:

finally a ZvZ!

clouds5 says:

After ~5 years of watching and playing SC2 on and off, coming back to BW is just like "YEEESSS that's what I've been missing!" It's hard to explain what it is exactly though… What Artosis said is a very important point imho, even such an "easy" maneuver as retreating with a big army requires a clear plan and skill. After an attack, the defending player almost always has a chance to come back in BW, where in SC2 one big battle is often means victory for one or the other.

RedRaccoonDog says:

That fps game in the commercials looks like they ripped the m4 right out of counter strike1.6

Dallas Peterson says:

Tasteless sounds like he stopped smoking or something?

Dax Dessy says:

2:36:01 I wish some Korean there had balls and just started heckling Shuttle for playing a shit game. I would have crushed him if that were me playing him.

Mawthu says:

Match 2 52:40

vxt1024 says:

YAAAAY!!! ASL 3!!!!

Devin Warren says:

No Flash? No defending Champion?

Slorm Raptor says:

won't they ever cut the crap of comparing broodwar to SC2?, i don't see Sc2 casters comparing everything to broodwar

J2 digital says:

He wants to avoid Flash because Flash is out for vengeance and will destroy him! Muhahaha

sinekonata says:

ASL SEASON 333333333333333333333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for the useless comment but I had to express my hype somehow o/

aa1243a says:

whats the best unit? you're going to say defiler right? for me its the sciences vessel

aa1243a says:

i used to wall in before i watched pros play is tasteless a retard?

Tony Kim says:

First game keeping that dt at 1 health lost him the game

fifoffjfufs says:

Thanks for uploading these.

Jens Robot says:

2 favorite handsome nerds <3

hdizzle says:

lol shuttle bottom 1 control

zhadez10 says:

Well done Mong o:

s song says:

im korean and i watch the english commentary

s song says:

who else here remembers when Tasteless sang "back that tank up" from GOMTV?

조태상 says:

good luck soulkey

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