[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S3 Ro.8 Day1

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AfreecaTV StarCraft League[US] – http://afreeca.tv/afasl
AfreecaTV StarCraft League[KOR] – http://www.afreeca.com/afstar1
YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/AfreecaTV


RodelIturalde says:

Best part is.
patrol gives fastest attack. Hold is pretty fast, but use patrol to attack fastest.

Loppy2345 says:

GG, SC2 is dead. Long live BW!

ImStYliShGuY says:

Korean version of this video has 10 times as many views .. WOW.. SCBW is BACK!!!!!! ♥ TY HOT6

Soochul Song says:

omg…. so close.. i would be bummed out if bisu AND jaedong was out of the asl

minioinmania says:

저말고 영어해설로 이거 다시본 한국인 있나요? ㅎㅎ 3경기 택견 드라군 보고 해외 해설 반응이 궁금해서 왔음 ㅋㅋㅋ

Peter C says:


ssak: “Well, okay then.”

joakimeen says:

around 1:15:00. orgasm :). better then porn

xxxx85 says:

Hahahaha, whenever I try to micro dragoons on mines I die. I've managed to do it like ten times EVER without taking damage. Doing it almost ten times in a row in one game is just sick. No words.

Marshall Crumiller says:

sSak (T) vs. Bisu (P):
1. sSak (top right) vs Bisu (bottom right) @ 15:36
2. sSak (bottom left) vs Bisu (top left) @ 55:45
3. sSak (bottom right) vs Bisu (top left) @ 1:09:14
4. sSak (top left) vs Bisu (bot right) @ 1:26:17
5. sSak (bottom right) vs Bisu (mid left) @ 1:48:38

Jeremy Kostic says:

15:36 Game 1

Edward Diep says:

absolutely wild series! GO GO BISU!

Stingfire says:

whats the song at 10:35 anyone knows?

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