[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 3rd place Match

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utarian7 says:

With Bisu retiring, R.I.P Protoss. I live for Aiur!

TheMarkbiscid says:

Bisu ….bisu….well miss you

Paul Michael says:

fuck this korea army thing.

Ejosi says:

Head ON! Apply directly to the Forehead

Esteban Francisco says:

I will mis Bisu amazing gameplay so much

Aleks L says:

This is Bisu swan song. But I hope he will return!

Harold Burrow says:

Bisu, along with Stork and a few others are the ones who proved protoss could be played at a high level. i hope he comes back after his military service.

Alan Feng says:

Bring back Tasteless! At least he isn't effeminate.

O Cricles says:

Why the english casters gotta get worse suits than the korean casters every time 🙁

Justin Mansfield says:

THe only time i haven't heard Artosis really laugh is when he is with this ANNOYING Rapid dude

Justin Mansfield says:


Nick Masters says:

Ha! Rapid: Larva's defense is air tight. Literally, Bisu's air can't get in! " 😀

Nelson Kang says:

I want Larva to win normally but glad Bisu got it for one of his last games. I hope great things happen for Larva's future.

maman89 says:

My weekend is set! ASL and chill. Or hype depending how crazy or one sided the finals gonna be.

Indialien Jones says:

Slaves to the military industrial complex.

Yrtiop says:

Really great last match for Bisu, way better than against JD. Larva played so well too.

Maledict says:

That's it, the age of JD and Bisu ended.

Jerry Mondragon says:

that game three…oh baby

gosu gosu says:


Alex Friedman says:

This is so sad man. Who will be the hero for us protoss players?? The only protoss' that are even close to his level are maybe BEST , FREE , JAngbi if hes even playing and a few others but still not even on bisus level. Dare I say BISU is really the 2nd greatest player ever maybbbe behind flash. I will really miss routing for bisu. Now what ?????

Newbtuber says:

Ah man going to miss Bisu PvZ, it is a work of art. Seeing how Bisu slowly started to peel away at Larva turtle style and finally broke him at the end was amazing. THIS IS HOW YOU PvZ RAIN!!!! Big props to Larva, very refreshing to see a turtling style that looks pretty cancerous and will probably have a 100% win ratio against all protoss next season now that Bisu is gone.

Tou Vang says:

This is an epic game between Bisu and Larva.

Phan Anh says:

anyone knows how long will bisu be gone for, and whether he'll come back?

FubakaNG says:

12:20 But I has carapace!

Never Never says:

프로토스가 저그 후드려패는 경기는 무조건 개추

masuat says:

This is one of the best sets this whole season.

몽쨔몽 says:

What a Disaster, Bisu… You are so incredible.

Voidkvlt says:

30:27 good joke from Rapid

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