[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Finals

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pite9 says:

The drops worked mainly because Flash was overextending. Hero hit a good timing. Notice how Flash's lead seemed to snowball just before the drop, for seemingly no good reason. This was not because of Flash's macro, it was because he went for a super economical strategy, and I suppose also Hero was turtling and expanding slowly. Now we know that he was planning for a doom drop. This strategy was probably pre-planned to an extent and Flash played into his hands. Terran don't do well when they're spread out thin and on the defense. Doom drops is a good strategy in the matchup, but it's not the solution to ZvT.

Ethan says:

never seen flash completely dismantled in that third game on his own strategy like that. Maybe there is a way to out macro him after all

channinglui says:

jaedong comeback

Victor Navarro Luis says:

How much did he win? In USD money

njc2o says:

2:14:24 when you nut and she keeps on suckin

Deion Park says:

Does anyone know what song was playing when herO won over Flash?

Ignacio Bizama says:

plase, where can I see this ending with the comments in Korean.

TROLL says:

The only weakness in Flash, is Flash himself. And he has no weaknesses

Nick Masters says:

Flash is imba. But I love him. Been a hero to me for coming up on 10 years now. Such a ferocious, solid, and amazing player to watch. What a blast this was to watch.

zatnikutel says:

flash will play another race ?

Edward Ko says:

Whoops never knew that herO played Zerg in Brood War! Brood War is honestly much more exciting then any SC2 games ive seen. Been blessed to have old VODs to watch! Go Starcraft Remastered!

Valery Contreras says:

Flash is from another planet

Holden says:

We got screwed out of the final we wanted to see. As soon as Hero beat Larva to advance to the finals, there was really no point in watching anymore.

8dolfonrunescape says:

That first game was disgusting

burbon ­ says:

It boggled my mind how the zerg saw, that drop gave him HUGE advantage in game three and he didn't do it in other games. It's fucking amusing how you can literally drop 4 lings and 2 defilers into terran base, plague the shit out of terran building in seconds and literally forget about the siege, because terran won't be able to recuperate from this. Yet somehow zergs just don't give a fuck. It was so OBVIOUS that drops were the go to strategy and it was completely ignored. I just cannot wrap my head around it. After the drop was successful, hero just spammed lings, because I bet his brain was already fried from the fact that he did something useful.

First game is mind bogglign as well. Cancel the fucking hatch, make 1-2 sunkens, 1 spore and power up on these 2 bases to reclaim your third. Dude is a professional yet he gambled like he's not playing starcraft, but a casino. Same stupid shit as first game of Larva vs Bisu.

herO could've won that. Not easily, but zergs should start dropping terran bases a lot more. And start using the goddamn plague! So frustrating to watch such talented player ommiting one tactic and losing solely because of that.

J2 digital says:

Around 1:00:17 what is up with the T_T ?? Pretty funny reflection-

J2 digital says:

I tried to watch this live on AfreecaTV and the only English stream I could find was a guy translating, not Tastetosis. IDK what I was doing wrong but it makes me sad I couldn't find them.

Th3Sh1n1gam1 says:

2:14:25 Flash zips up his zipper, lol.

Ben Silverman says:

"A different race?! I'm I hearing this correctly?!"

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