[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.16 Group B

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Christopher says:

In case anyone is looking for the Flash/Larva/Rage video they're referencing:

Carlos Velazquez says:

Video skips unwatchable

Phoenix Wright says:

The roasting of Tasteless was real tonight.

Scott Ball says:

Where can I download Gold Rush and the other ASL maps?

Joel Caccha says:

wow it's a surprise to see by.Hero qualifier in the ro8 with Effort and Shine in the same group

Graffica says:

Awesome stuff but guys, less standup comedy and more casting please. I actually had to mute you at some point to be able to follow the game.

szmike says:

what is the title of song at the match start?

ws hwang says:

이영한 김정우를 예상했으나……

Holden says:

Larva will surprise everyone this ASL. He's been working so hard on his game and it's great to see him getting results.

4167626628b says:

these casters are so fuckign gay

Andrey Volkov says:

Too much zvz and caster's jokes for one game day for me, but it's ok after all. TY Afreeca

Lashnakh says:

"Korea Mcgregor" Tasteless you are killing us

RoMMeL1337ak47 says:

Am I the only one that thinks that you need Bo3 for a ZvZ group? It's not like it would take very long if they had no brakes between games.

kicyoaz says:

The two fucking goofballs should stay away from commentating wtf!!!! Stop laughing

Luis Lozano says:

Thanks Afreeca!

Sokokrey says:

Fucking love ZvZ <3

Simon Abbott says:

What's that song that plays right right before the start of each game?

ThePleasantYukkuri says:

jewish freemasonry checkerboard

SevenWonder says:

Damn, effort is out… Big mistake in last game…

Ben Shumway says:

This is my happy place.

Illuin Darlington-Bai says:

Can confirm: Detroit’s airport is 10/10

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