[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.16 Group C

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Musikstra says:

Icewater would be a much better id then… 'eyewater' shudders

Lionel Carter says:

pussy ass mutha fuqing white boyz, wtf is wrong with Rapid? I've seen nothing but fixed minded so called Starcraft fans out here. We are supposed to be the more intelligent gamers, thats y so little ppl plays SC, because it is too tough, and the general public are brain dead dumb as fuq sheeps.. That dude has done nothing but improved over time and time even when he slots in for GSL when either 1 of TASTOSIS are unavailable.. Imagine you got your dream job one day and worse part of it your career depends on the public's OPINION on you, rather than your PERFORMANCE and whether you deserved it. Obviously when he started out he was not as good, AS WOULD YOU IN ANY FUQING NEW THING THAT YOU DO. But he clearly works harder than Tasteless right now. He knows his history, his facts.. so what about the little jokes in between? Everybody loves a laugh, but everyone has a different fuqing sense of humor, not everyone watches the same SITCOM and enjoys the same COMEDIAN right? MOTHERFUQING BRAIN DEAD ASS FUQS.. PLS GO AND REGAIN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS AND REALIZE HOW FUQING STUPID AND CHILDISH U WERE AND ACTUALLY BLINDED FROM THE FACT THAT RAPID IS DOING A VERY GOOD JOB BECAUSE OF YOUR MUCH HATED MIXED MIND FROM THE BEGINNING..

Thomas Hilton says:

This commentator is great. Very professional.

Miguel Gordillo says:

talk about the strategy, the map, the tactics. left a like for the games, but you guys are the worst commentators.

firesickle says:

That look on Bisu's face is the look of someone who knows they are cheesy 1:15:33

Tobias Georgi says:

Where was Tasteless? Frankly, it is not the same without him. Artosis compensates great, without Taste he immediately takes the lead, but Tastosis is SOOO much better. BRING TASTELESS BACK please:)

Florian Rota says:

The diffirence is SPENOMENAL! -Artosis 32:08

schogux says:

i'd like this video but Rapid…

N P says:

50:38 both commentators hate each others. Artosis interrupted Rapid while he was talking and Rapid said " I was just talking about [something] but that sign was more important ". You can see in Artosis face and tone that he'd punch him in the face if he could. In my opinion Rapid is extremely annoying and more importantly has no idea about the build orders and counters, which Tastosis master very well.

AnimeIntroStyles4 says:

I miss Tasteless, but Rapid wasn't bad for these matches. He's less annoying than he used to be.

Andrew Choi says:

Fun group today! Excited for Tuesday but Group D is gonna break my heart… I love all of the players in that group and it's gonna be tough having to see two of them leave the tournament

Maledict says:

Can't wait for D Group. JD hype!

Jeffrey Ormsby says:

Fucking Rapid is ruining the ASL now, too…

Abraham Santos says:

Next match Jaedong plays but I see the only ones to defeat Flash are Bisu and maybe Soulkey. It's a shame Jaedong is far from beating FlaSh.

Joel Caccha says:

Take these words…Bisu is gonna beat Flash!!!

Thomas Hilton says:

The colour is amarillo!

Fudge Nipples says:

LMAO "Mongs candy wrapper stuck in the keyboard" in game 2.

Millitron says:

What song plays right before each match?

samuricexful says:

Always wondered why Protoss didn't build fast Carriers vs. Terran like first two games.

Alex Friedman says:

Every time I watch Bisu I get so amazed. Hes easily the 2nd best player in the world right now behind flash. Makes protoss look imba and is just an all around awesome and good looking dude , easily my favorite player of all time.

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