[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.16 Group D

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CaptainWumbo says:

baxter is very strong, these guys didn't see ssl right after kespa went away

Nando Peyton says:

Tastless and artosis together are the best!


gotta love tastosis

liutian3 says:

So disappointed to see JD lose. This could very well be his last pro-level SC game. I like Rain as well but really hoped JD could put on the last show before going into full retirement.

Zalis116 says:

From http://www.teamliquid.net/tlfe/jaedong/ a year ago, but still applicable:

"I don't think anyone can change the passing of the seasons (laughs). A lot of time has flowed by, and I need to think about my life going forward. Whatever I end up doing, I'll do it while remaining thankful that I remained in the minds of some fans. I'd be thankful if when people think of StarCraft, they remembered that there was once a player called Jaedong."

AnimeIntroStyles4 says:

For myself and I think for a lot of people they watch every match in a tournament because it makes it more exciting to see if their favorite player will make it to the end. For me, that player is Jaedong. I understand he may have to retire soon, but he's the main reason I watch these tournaments and I hope he keeps playing for a long time.

Америка падет says:

Rain is real gosu!

Will says:

Why do they have players from the same group on the same side of bracket? Players from the same group shouldn't meet again until the grand final.

Will says:

I expected Soulkey > JD/Rain > Stork, why people surprised? SK almost beat flash last season.!

utarian7 says:

The commentary is really good – just sometimes they get lost in their conversation and miss important things happening like the full shuttle getting taken out by scourges. etc

Pwntatoz says:

Never leave us again Tasteless.

wfhbright says:

Fantastic series… every single game was so good!!

Caleb Brown says:

"screeming into a microphone"… its called passion and you had tons! 51:14

Andrew Choi says:

1:45:23 lol sounds like dating

Jack Tsang says:

Jaedong showed up to the last game with a lot of unforced errors. No Overlords in his nat and aggressively trying to break Rain's cannon line.


nathan titus says:

i almost felt like saying if JD quits sc i quit sc aswell….. thats how much influence this guy had on getting me into the scene. sad days boys.

Ethan says:

Jaedong… this doesn't change anything. still youre biggest fan and cant wait till your back and strong!

Justin Mansfield says:


Ben Shumway says:

Rapis is such a good commentator. I wish there were more pro brood war leagues to hear his cast more often/
… They should have a 3 person cast for the finals!!!

Ben Shumway says:

I like how Rain is a close friend of Flash. A Rain vs Flash finals would be AMAZING!

guitarFAIL says:

FFS how did the game turned so much :/ i'm not even watching the rest of the season, i just hope Jaedong don't retire

T41N73d says:

spoiler alert: reading any of the comments…

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