[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.24 Day1

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Mark Liu says:

The crew is back together again. The nostalgia doesn't end. Even FBH? Damn…. This is cool.

Hyun Jong Kim says:

Cant watch this with the korean commentator?

Hyun Jong Kim says:

Cant watch this with the korean commentator?

Harry Balzak says:

Pro Tip at 1:03:08 killing one ling is one less ling.
Damn that is game changing knowledge.

Abuuru says:

i love how artosis and tasteless are talking about how dead sky is when he's 40+ ahead in supply!

a kim says:

32:28 how the FUCK did artosis catch that! GOATs

Midnight Commander says:

M. Night Shyamalamading-dong.

Musikstra says:


ng Ho says:

좆프리카 망해라 씨발졷같은 새끼들아
동시 플랫폼 사용 불가 좆까는 소리하고 있네 니들은 돈 챙겨먹어야 하니까 동시 사용 가능이냐? 애미가 뒤진 모순 아니야 씨발 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 폭삭 좆망해라 씹프리카 개새기들아

Jean-Philippe Martel says:

Those ads though.

nsmilitia says:

Best pair of commentators ! Top tier!

Karol Lizak says:

I like that larva guy!

Yolo Swaggins says:

whos the cutie

andy.tv says:

Is larva the Asian incarnation of in-control?

Elias Dottemar says:

Am I the only one finding the remastered graphics less realistic and too cartoonish?

princeofexcess says:

Alright where is this video of flash watching larva rage?? the video they are talking about at: 40:30

3245 324 says:

아프리카가 결국 욕심때문에 스타리그를 망쳐부리네…

Indialien Jones says:

YAY Season 4!!!!!!!

박재영 says:


gammkrab says:

Thats one of the longest 2 base survival play along time, larva mcgregor

George H says:

What's Sky's intro song?

Bleak13 says:

In the last game you could see Light still has the understanding of TvZ that made him so dominant in the matchup (think he holds the all-time pro winstreak vZ, even longer than Flash and ooV) but his mechanics let him down, idling vultures in his expo rather than killing lings and laying mines, losing vessels unnecessarily, and fluffing drops. Hopefully he gets back in full form – and gets his nuke strat he pulled vs JD working :p

hdizzle says:

beard sports

Brian N. Farber says:

Can someone please tell me if for these matches they each choose their race or do they go with the random option? Thanks.

spitzbzz says:

이거 뭐냐 왠 영어?
여기 한국 아닌가?

Gu4rdiaanAngel says:

Any idea what is the intro song before the games? Cant find it 🙁

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