[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.24 Day6 + Ro.16 Group Nomination

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Swedish Idiots Play says:

1:38:44 song name?

Luigi vargas aquino says:

Who is the girl? I love her.

Dewayne Thomas says:

3:06:20 I didn't know Korea had it's own Jersey Shore.

ordinaryhousecarl says:

4:39:30 Song name pls? b0ss?

Пользователь Гугла says:

Why JD play so crappy ( what's wrong with him. He wasn't so lame.

Milyargh says:

Hey could you guys mute the music during player interviews? It's hard to focus on the english translation when you hear the korean interview and also the music at the same time.

Cool games today, love seeing JD destroying nerds again!

MrSociopath says:

I use the arrow keys…

Oliver Warren says:

4 zerg in1 group, 3 terran in another? sigh, i wish the pros would give us better matchups to watch. OK if you're into ZvZ and TvT but I consider them the less interesting of the matchups.

rdongart says:

BaxteR: "Flash, we were going on a dinner together, what's up with choosing me?!"

Flash: "Damn right we were going on a dinner, and you are what's on the menu…"

Soochul Song says:

LOL, NO ONE wants to get into Flash and Jaedong's ro16 group.

CheeseTV says:

I don't know how these group picks usually go, but I though it was a little weird. Groups A and B are too many terrans and zerg respectively IMO. There were more Zerg total so it makes sense there would be a group with many Zerg. Larvae should have been more clear with his intentions! I hope he does get to play Flash though.

Tau Ceti says:

Jaedong looksed SO FUCKING BORED in the interview lmfao

Cameron Nielsen says:

Get those SC2 icons off my SCR group list!

Cameron Nielsen says:

Can we afford something more stable than a $20 easel? lol.

RichDavis13 says:

I think Larva's offline struggles will continue with this 4 zerg group.

CheeseTV says:

why is there this group C final match mixed in at 2:22:00 without tastosis commentating?

Weather Good says:

Nomination is always extremely fun to watch.

TheNeilChatelain says:

Tasteless sounds weird here

michael sk says:

도데체 한글영상은 왜안올리는거여….라이브로 못보는사람이많은데.bj걸로보면.,제목에 승패를 미리알아서 재미없고….영어풀영상은 해설듣는재미가없고….

Inter dictor says:


Ben Shumway says:

Please someone translate this commercial! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-3KQTcckFk#t=45m01s
So many Pro-SC Players!

TheRubsi says:

Mini is so insanely good, i am really sad he lost in this way.

Atav says:

Anyone know which game had Corsair vs Ghost?

Ben Shumway says:

Can someone who speaks korean put together a playlist of the ASL songs? Some of these players have epic songs, and it'd be fun to listen to each of them in full.

Ben Shumway says:

AfreecaTV Please notice this request:
Please make Tasteless' voice louder when he's doing voice-over translation. I can't hear him well enough since the other people are talking too.
Thank you.

DaBa says:

Group B games are going to be so fucking weird…

William Hammer says:

Awesome translator for the group nomination.

MajkaSrajka says:

3:14:23 – Group Nomination

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