[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.4 Day 1

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jancosvk83 says:

42:40 we need more brood war fans like this

jkunblade says:


Petter Gustafsson says:

Must say that Rapid did a really good job casting by his own. It was really enjoyable to watch!

Nick Masters says:

I like this Rapid guy. Not as much as Tastosis, but this guy has his charm, too, and fuck… kudos to him for being able to solo-cast. That's a lot of pressure.

Martin Stewart says:

Damn 🙁
Not the result I wanted.
So sad to see Larva fall to apparent ZvZ master, HerO

J2 digital says:

Solid work by Rapid today and I'm overall pretty happy with the results of the games too!

안기모씨 says:

조또 일 안하냐?국감 받거니 멘붕이냐?c8것들이 놀고있네.ㅡㅡ^

iwanabana says:

this is the exact reason why Starcraft was ahead of its time back then. You could clearly differentiate whose zerglings are whose. Now with remastered, everything looks just like starcraft 2 i.e. [email protected] KLuTt3R

Hendrik Bence says:

Congrats to Rapid for holding the fort. It was a very decent solocast

CognacLover BW says:

Well fuck… If Larva is no more no one can deny FlaSh from winning once again. herO who schooled his way finals with ZvZ sniping best zergs doesn't deserve to be there, he is going to get trashed brutally.

Holly says:

this aint tasttosis i was coming for

goJesusandStarcraft says:

Rapid, I don't know if you'll read this, but just a few comments

I really appreciate how you reference previous games that took place this season, as well as who played who on which map. It shows that you really did your research and it brings interesting perspective. ie, you referenced larva playing on crossing field in group B, and hero vs Soulkey game 4. The fact that you have been following this ASL season and are able to mention these facts is actually really good brain food while we viewers wait for matches to start.
I also really appreciate how you stay on topic – if I have one complaint about Tastosis, it's that they go off on tangents about their childhoods or whatever and miss something important happening on screen.

A suggestion:
Don't feel pressured to fill silence – I can tell that you are repeating yourself sometimes to avoid silence, but if you're just waiting for the Korean casters to finish their post-game commentary then you don't have to feel like you have to fill that time talking.
Don't feel pressured to add hype to action taking place on screen: if you feel awkward trying to hype up the action, focus on the specifics on what the players are doing, and the hype will come more naturally.

Dylan Jacoby says:

Well done, Rapid! Solo casting's rough stuff

Mateusz Korytowski says:

pls change this commentator…

Mirko Thoden says:

Somebody know the band and song name 1:05:17 ?

ngirro says:

Comment section full non-pro SC shoutcasters bashing Rapid about the way he does his job. Scroll back up. Toxicity will kill you.

Indialien Jones says:

!!!!!!!!!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!
Could someone explain to me how, in a game of "skill", the worse player keeps beating better players? After seeing Rain, and Larva to a lesser extent, lose to this kid, it's getting increasingly difficult to believe that Brood War is decided by mainly "skill". I understand that bad players can get lucky and win sometimes. But, this is two best of 5 sets that were won by the lesser of the two players in the same tournament… How, in a game of "skill", is that possible? I'm starting to believe that terrible AI path finding, rng on high ground to low ground/ cover rng, scouting luck, etc. plays a MUCH bigger role on the outcome than what die hard fans would like to admit. About the only thing that makes me question everything I've just said is Bisu and Flash. And while I'm asking how Hero could have possibly beaten two objectively better players, one of them being Rain, how the hell did Rain beat JD and then go on to lose to Larva? It's not possible to take even remotely seriously at this point. And before you get any ideas, no, I don't play starcraft 2 because it's garbage and lacks everything that makes StarCraft the game we know and love. I'm not some sc2 fanboy, here to ruffle feathers. I love BW and am genuinely puzzled as to how bad players are beating objectively better players, not just in one out of 50 games, but winning best of 5 sets over better players. If it isn't straight up rng and luck, what am I missing here? "nerves during a live game" isn't an excuse either.

xunap says:

Omg I can't believe loser lost 2 games in a row due to the same mistake – overlords going too far away – getting supply blocked for 30 seconds when both should have the same number. Really amateur mistake :

fressfisch says:

great now finals are gonna be boring as fuck

Johnnez Pantanilla says:

gj mr. rapid! "butt clenching" indeed!

Obituareez says:

Really hope we get back Tasteless and Artosis for the Bisu v Flash series

skigod07 says:

good cast rapid

inChinaXP says:

Nice job on the solocast!

Nathaniel X.H. says:

Well done rapid. Keep focusing on refining your own personality as a caster. Was much easier to watch this than when you get too caught up in trying to have chemistry with another caster. That will only come if you have your own style first, which you showed you have in this cast. Also, if you don't know something, just talk about something else rather than drawing attention to it and then saying you aren't sure. All in all well done!

FeroxX says:

SPOILERS: Zerg won!

Valery Contreras says:

Gogog Hero vs flash

crh18 says:

really enjoyed Rapid's casting for this match!
more hawtness for Bisu Vs Flash!

All R says:

Congrats Rapid for your solo casting.

윤하루 says:

만담 듀오 어디가고 제대로 된 해설자가 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

linkxownzall says:

Rapid. Absolute top bloke. On ya lad

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