[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.8 Day 1

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Jinwoog Joseph Kim says:

Great commentating guys. Larva is joking a lot during interviews so difficult to translate but great job on the whole cast!

TheLoucM says:

I am kind of sad to see that Jaedong is not performing as well as the 2 other gods, Flash and Bisu, but man, there is just so many crazy good zergs this season.

Noel Salvador Casimiro says:

The future of SC1 is bright.

suhyun an says:

I love commentators they are hilarious LOL!

Martin Stewart says:

Is there anywhere to bet on next winner of ASL?

Hanyoung Jung says:

turtle zerg가 6햇 소울류저그말하는거죠?

Magi says:

Daddy Larva gotta pay the bills.

Draco Volantus says:

i was truly mezmerised by rain play i wanted to type all the time he is playing another game not brood war and in the end he was playing another game not brood war :/ why attack walled up zerg? i don't get it.

Олег Сухарь says:

New best zerg? 😉

Harry Dowe says:

I honestly really enjoy how little info the ui gives, no production tab, no income, army size, workers killed. Much less clutter

Occultsystem says:

artosis laugh is contagious

VenomousStare says:

great series

TPike777 says:

Larva has improved dramatically since season 1 of this year. God damn.

Just another Shaco legend says:

what an insane series

Schnitzel1989 says:

Woooww really good job Larva!!! He looks better then JD ingame…

katelandD says:

was that cranberries before match 1 lol??

Marek Kochanowicz says:

What is wrong with Rain's hand at 8:43? Looks bad.

Marek Kochanowicz says:

Ministry at 3:20?

Lancelt666 says:

17:29 Me too.

M. C Ka says:

I 've made the choose rain as a winner before watching games. Obviously Turtle zerg with good stamina could brought victory against every protoss.

Martin Latour says:

God the chick interviewer is so fucking cute

NiceAutumnDay says:

Arbiters are mobile detectors for protoss, Artosis!!!11one

burbon ­ says:

By the way, I really want to know why did protoss neglect all of the armor upgrades. I understand they can be perceived as useless in pvt, but here? is getting your ass whooped for 8dmg per ling attack worth it? IMO it's a very bad choice for protoss to upgrade attack only

gonzalo muñoz says:

Un coreano con barba :v

Jon D says:

Rain was his own enemy. I understand what he was trying to do but he threw away too much.

burbon ­ says:

1:00:43 I mean come on, you must be insanely stressed out or just stupid to make such a mistake. You play the game for thousands of hours and you didn't figure that zerglings are smaller than zealots? That's just baffling

Magnus Nygaard says:

Could people stop being spoiler trolls, thx. We’re not all living on Seoul-time…

Dom says:

Didn't Rain waste too much ressources on storm drops that often do very little damage?
I mean one dt/ht drop every once in a while is ok but he was basically sending them to die every 10 sec I feel like.

1 Shuttle + 2 Templars => 300 minerals / 300gas (not counting the possible dt and/or zealot so up to 500/425)
6 drones + 2 scourges = 325 mineral , 75 gas (sometimes he kills more than 6 drones but most of the time he kills less)

I think handling those drops require more apm/multitasking than defending them too, but I might be mistaken.

So why not use these ressources / apm to just secure more expands and tech to arbiters faster and get good recalls ?

Grzegorz Szewczak says:

Larwa has skill and SWAG. GG for him.

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