[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.8 Day 3

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420wishmaster says:

You guys know about Starcraft, but definitly nothing about bear attacks. Go learn from Dwight Schrute

TrueNeutral EvGenius says:

And as usual we have those idiots for commentators. Well, at least they know something about StarCraft, but damn… Those stupid jokes and irritating stupid laugh with no reason. Be professional even a little bit, biotrash. No wonder you play biotrash terran, asshole.

Joel Caccha says:

One Sided games guys…

TheMarkbiscid says:

Bisu vs flash the thrue final

rabidGopher says:

Artosis once again talking out of his ass about something he seems completely ignorant about, which is strange considering his career. Not only is Starcraft nowhere even close to the biggest e-sport right now, it has actually NEVER once throughout its lifespan been the biggest at the time. He seems to forget that the rest of the world outside of SK exists, and in that world Starcraft is very small compared to things like DotA and CS. Just because South Koreans have a crazy obsession with it doesn't mean the rest of the world does. The biggest e-sports right now are by far DotA2 and CSGO, and Starcraft isn't even remotely close to the size of either if you take the entire world into account.

Bruno Mars says:

댓글이 양키양키 양키냄새 오지네

Danjel M says:

Remastered looks so damn ugly… Rather go with the old Bw.

Graffica says:

The commentators and the observer missed the winning moment on the second game. Towards the end of the final battle Bisu sacrificed his corsairs and killed off ALL of the overlords, putting Baxter on red. It was the nail in the coffin, Baxter couldn't rebuild right away.

박재호 says:

박준오 이새끼는 무슨이기려는의지가없내 진짜그냥 바로지지내.. 세계적으로개망신이내

4Play Ace says:

Anyone on here watch it live ?

Very Fast says:

guys, do you know how can i get notification when afreeca goes live?

kihyun kwak says:

48:18 Marry me Bisu

Timmay says:

doesn't Bisu look like Kyu Hyun from Super Junior??? anybody??

Tai Chen says:

To think Baxter made round of 8 and Jaedong didn’t. :/

michael sk says:



Baby Baxter has his first day at big boy school. Bisu's back Baby!

teachmeps says:

this looked like Bisu played vs me… not that I'm nearly as good as baxter… but bisu made him look like a rookie lol

L1TTLEH0RN666 says:

I used to parasite critters

dbok says:

Awkward game one opening comments.

M. C Ka says:

I think I can beat bexter too

Phạm Đăng Quang says:

Just as I expected.
The next Ro.4 is gonna be awesome!

Midou86 says:

Man Bisu looking so good this season, i'm really hoping for a Flash v Bisu showdown

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