[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S4 Ro.8 Day 4

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Shane carwin says:

LOL i didnt know flash`s last name was Youngho

Joy Joy says:

Hahaha Beaker and Animal definitely!

박재호 says:


Bleak13 says:

Sucks Tastosis won't be casting ro4, ship them more each time

Nelson Kang says:

Really unfortunate for Mind. There were a couple times where I felt the game was turning in his favor. He'd make one mistake though that would cost him the game – that's all it takes.

All R says:

People trash talking about Terran IMBA and Tsagi, but Flash is as dominant in TvT as in any other match up. Screw off.

Aioda Len says:

rooting for flash, but why do I think this game is unfair!!! it should be banned!

TrueNeutral EvGenius says:

Apologize for playing that race, biotrash bastards.

Oliver Warren says:

1. get Anticipation plugin for chrome to hide duration of video
2. am I the only one annoyed that we had TvT and ZvZ in the quarter finals when we could have had 2 x TvZ (way more fun to watch)?

Will says:

Bisu vS Flash better be close good games pls

Tou Vang says:

USA for Flash!!!

Sokokrey says:

God is Flash

Th3Sh1n1gam1 says:

That game 1answer flash had was insane. Almost any other player would have not found that proxy and died to it.

yandereSyndrome says:

"skull desert" fuckin loooooooooooool

s song says:

As a protoss player, there is only one that must win. His name is kyu Kyun from super junior

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