[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 3/4 Place Match

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 3/4 Place Match
[ Live Stream on AfreecaTV ]
English (Artosis & Tasteless): http://afreecatv.com/aslenglish
Korean (박상현&이승원&임성춘): http://afreecatv.com/afstar1


Alexander Rudasi says:

Wow. That was an amazing Bo5. Amazing. Phenomenal.

MrAndersonmm says:

Wow… Such amazing games. No spoilers and all that but holy hell.

W S says:

Was that cognacs bitch ass there from poland? you starcraft playing loser. You will never be pro you fucking simp

sleepbomber says:

The dude in the audience at 2:29:14 = perfect reaction

C Z says:

Can Afreeca stop putting the winner in the highlight video's thumbnail? Bloody spoiler kills all the suspense

TPike777 says:

This ASL had a tonne of good games. Hope they bring back third world. Great map. The final game was just insane. One of the best ive seen of all the seasons.

Starcraftian says:

What an insane match up, nail biting! Game 5 was fantastic – Great job, thanks AfreecaTV! Keep SCBW alive!! ASL is awesome!!

7th Quark says:

I thought game 1 was crazy
game 5 was craaaaaaaazy
please AfreecaTV I'm begging you, keep 3rdWorld in the next ASL !

james bond says:

muy weno hero

Nelson says:

Anyone know what happened to the armed forces sc league?

Nelson says:


Wow. What a comeback. What a crazy last game. So much back and forth. Lot of critical reaver/shuttle kills. Hero was defending a lot of key based very well.

I wish the best for Hero. What a way to go! Talk about cementing a legacy. That is how you do it. Will go down as one of the greatest games ever.

Ethan says:

However in game 5 mini has to go reaver drop after the land island switch. Hero’s bases were so vulnerable, or at least some type of harass, too stop his macro economy becoming too big

Ethan says:

Hero is by FAR the most interesting Zerg around. What a final game. Sick plays on Protoss favoured maps

Akira Matsuda says:

20:34 BIGBANG ♥

Felipe J. says:

I was for Mini, but I've never seen a programer losing SO MANY shuttles. He lost them almost every game against Hero and Snow. He makes so many stupid mistakes that other programers rarely do. He doesn't know how to storm properly. In the end I got so mad that I was for Hero. He really deserved to lose. 2:18:11 –> Storm on a single Hydra who's about to die… Look how long he waited to get a Robotics.. A lurker with 12 Probe kills.. He could have killed that expansion on the bottom left, it had NO defense at all and instead he wants to attack 3 groups of hydras and lurkers up the hill… And no.. game 5 was not a gem. A good game is actually when both players are playing at their maximum and make no mistakes. This 5th game was actually a torture to watch because Mini made mistake after mistake after mistake. The only reason it lasted so long and it got balanced was because of Mini's noobishness.

Abstract Daddy says:

In game 5, I think Mini should have been more defensive. He moved his army around so much. What if he just held the east side of the western double bridge and the top of the ramp on the west wall? We saw how difficult it was for Hero's army to try to get up that ramp (2:15:45) or cross the other double bridge (2:12:20) while defended. Just 2 high templar at each location would have made it incredibly costly for hero to move through. He probably could have built a pylon wall on top of the ramp to make it even easier to defend and then just have the bulk of his army at the bridge.
So defend those 2 points and then Mini can expand to all the locations in the west zone.

CrystalGem says:

greatest game all time

GeneralSezme says:

My god that last game was so good

Alex Friedman says:

Can a Korean please tell me name of the song Hero Chose for his intro? Or post me a link to the song? THANK YOU in advance

Alex Friedman says:

hahahah gotta love the Korean peoples love for broodwar. Deff equal to my own. Look at 2:29:12 to 2:29:30 …. you see the guy in the white long sleeve jumping up n down lol. Everyone cheering. E sports really is the same type of thing to us gamers as real sports are to everyone else :p

Steven Yeun says:

씹프로맵인데 저걸 역전당하는 클래스 ㅋㅋ

Caoilainn Bergh says:

What a series!

Richard says:

Amazing matches. Good job Hero…!!!

ByFireBePurged _ says:

hero fighting


The true spirit of zerg: atack ever and ever, don't give up never AND CRUSH EVERYTHING

Herms123 says:

Amazing games! thanks for casting!

Aberu R. says:

Asi tenias q jugar desde el inicio, HerO tenias q haber llegado a la final, pero el 3er lugar celebra mas que el 2do. 🙂

Paul Truong says:

HerO with the little bitch play of cheesing and 3 hatch Hydra build to win his games. KNew if he played a straight game he would lose

Anton Alm says:

Great games.

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