[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 Ro.4 Day1

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 Ro.4 Day1
[ Live Stream on AfreecaTV ]
English (Artosis & Tasteless): http://afreecatv.com/aslenglish
Korean (박상현&이승원&임성춘): http://afreecatv.com/afstar1


W S says:

Pro noobs cant ever learn to defend they re bases

Gee Gun says:

Lol that Artosis and Tasteless didnt know that Rain uses BISUS song before the games… 🙂
He always used it.. also in his streams.

Nelson says:

Shine, soulkey, and larva. Next season is the one.

Caoilainn Bergh says:

Is that a laugh track?

Ethan says:

Surprise surprise sparkle favours Protoss again but rain was really better overall in this set of games. He always had the initiative and a clear plan and was very measured and patient with his play. Impressive! And btw, pvp is much better than tvt or zvz so don’t be too upset about the final!

Ádám Palkovics says:

"In between the cover of another perfect wonder
And it's so white as snow"

Wot Wot says:

terrible map pool and unfortunately therefore terrible tournament (this season)

SCDJMU says:

such a shame with this mappol this season, No reason to watch the finals now

Iasonas Varnavas says:

Anyone knows when the next tournament starts?

Thunderfly says:

Even if I do not like mirror match ups for finals I'm glad that rain got to the finals, I remeber watching him in the first or second season of ASL vs soulkey it was a awesome ZvP I loved his style since then Now I hope he can win the finals #TeamRain

utarian7 says:

That island map is pathetically
Imbal against Zerg and I say this as a Protoss player. It was sad to watch and incomprehensible that they actually chose it as an official ASL map.

ByFireBePurged _ says:

i love rain, but man pvp finals……. these maps sucked ASS this season

sellin birdies says:

these maps arent imbalanced argue that they are super balanced.. come on retards i want to hear it..

Donish Cushing says:

Hero really impressed with how long he held on in game 1

elliot young says:

This is the best game in the entire world.

Josef Pronathi says:


Conan Barbarian says:

corsars and storm fix someday ? protos cheat race, finals – all protos boring shit =(

Kisai says:

Bleh not what I expected or hoped

Liur says:

So sad they fucked the map pool so bad. I'm not saying these protoss are bad player but they were spoon-fed victories over the best terran and zergs. Doesn't feel right at all.

CuppaTea101 says:

Very noisy crowd this game. Very exciting.

MajkaSrajka says:

Game 1 was soooooooooo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!

H3Row says:

Protoss is such a noob race. 1a2a3a. Storm storm strorm. So stupid

Igor Mokeev says:

When fix storm and corsairs? Protos shit final, not intresting and not will look it

Jaiiy Ouhz says:

SICK game!!!

heavysmoker says:

PvP ending, meh. Let's hope some good plays from them tho

PirateCat 1080p60fps says:

Video Length really spoils the result, i wish they'd upload 5 videos with anti-spoiler videos

samuricexful says:

Let's do this!

PvP finals!

Antonio Ferraina says:


karlito mijic says:

Track name at 32:15 ? Anyone please🙏

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