[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 Ro.4 Day2

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 Ro.4 Day2
[ Live Stream on AfreecaTV ]
English (Artosis & Tasteless): http://afreecatv.com/aslenglish
Korean (박상현&이승원&임성춘): http://afreecatv.com/afstar1


Nelson says:

For those wondering what the "total recall" they keep referring to is. Look at top comment section of the video below for appropriate timestamp.


Adrián Buenfil says:

57:35 "I know that a lot of people watch Starcraft, not as many people play, cause it's so damn hard" That's so damn true! I thought that just because I reached Plat-Diamond on LoL I could reach similar tier on Starcraft, I couldn't have been more wrong.

james bond says:

snow tu puedes

inf says:

sad for mini, could see snow didnt want to win in that fashion.. happy for bw but sad for a game like that

John AKAnoob says:

I think it's too soon to call a map imbalanced yet, maybe a race hasn't found how to deal with different mechanics in the new maps

Ryan Rapp says:

What’s the song that plays before each game?

zandiskoul says:

I like you casters enough to come watch sc1 and see how the game is. I really liked this tho I feel the maps are a bit of hit or miss after following this S5.

Herms123 says:

thanks for the cast! long live broodwar

Kisai says:

Happy with the result.

edit: What idiot put the finals so far away jesus. Maybe if it wasn't a mirror. :-;

Albert Vlánadek says:

Por fin!!! La final será…
Pene chico snow contra Pene chico Rain

Miguel Rangel says:

Did anybody notice the pylon next to Snow's nexus in the first game? It was ON the nexus!

MrAndersonmm says:

TheRock vs Chalrenge was the draw they talk about around the 1 hour mark. It was an epic game.

Dongfeng Han says:

mini no confidence.

Danbi Heo says:

PvP can be awesome! And looks like rain will beat snow but you never know! Such a shame about the 3rd game for mini really miscalculated

Artas1984 says:

Tastless, you must eat additional donuts! His favorite is the sprinkled one!

snow balls 4u says:

I'm gonna be really honest here guys, i love these broodwar tournaments, but PvP just isn't that exciting, you can tell the casters are significantly less hyped than they were in other games.
None the less I will still watch the final, GL ALL.

Ery Pavel Lindoro Valenzuela says:

Snow ftw! I support til the end this Aiur warrior, it's been such a good improvement and you could watched against Flash. Monster Shuttle/Reaver.

nexiivanadis says:

Love these SC:BW videos. You should put additional blank time at the end as an anti-spoiler

Aberu R. says:

Como carajos llego mini a la semifinal

Dartht33bagger says:

The finals should be a good match. Too bad we have to wait 2 weeks for it!

kicyoaz says:

artosis' curse at it again!

OrochiCr says:

Seeing so few people on the studio makes me feel sad. Come on Koreans, you have tournaments for this jewel, support these players, not only Flash, Bisu and Jaedong…

Joshua Foy says:

While I am glad someone else gets a chance to win, the map pool this ASL was terrible. One experimental map is cool, 3 is ridiculous. Regardless, congrats to winner.

heavysmoker says:

So sad, i wanted mini to win… When he lost that shuttle in the 3rd game i lol'd, but when he lost it in the last game i just screamed "nooo" and facepalmed ;_;

ri Lee says:

Long-face guy controls longlongface

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