[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 Ro.8 Day4

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S5 Ro.8 Day4
[ Live Stream on AfreecaTV ]
English (Artosis & Tasteless): http://afreecatv.com/aslenglish
Korean (박상현&이승원&임성춘): http://afreecatv.com/afstar1


Starleader says:

ну хоть кто-то ебанутому пизды навешал

M L says:

If anyone is wondering btw the song at 2:11:25 is “All But Gone” by Lightning Rules. Took me a little while to figure it out lol

M L says:

What a godly series thank you ASL

Nozza says:

carries are op.

goJesusandStarcraft says:

In all the previous ASL videos for this season, there are always whiners commenting "OMG [player] got eliminated, this map pool sucks, flash going to win finals again ez and anyone who disagrees is a retard" whenever players like JD or soulkey or Larva got eliminated. Now that flash actually lost, there are a bunch of people commenting "OMG flash got eliminated, this map pool sucks, anyone who disagrees is a retard".

Discussing this series between Flash and Snow:
Overall, holistically evaluating, Flash is clearly the better player. Flash went 11 years without losing a best of 5 against toss. I don't think you can say the same for Snow. Flash is a legend and Snow is not. Flash is the better OVERALL player. This is not to detract from Snow's performance – he played excellently and really took advantage of Flash's weakpoints (ex how flash didn't lay mines in his own base or build turrets). Snow read Flash extremely well at many points in this series and played as best as he possibly could have, and it was enough for him to take the series. However, out of the 5 maps in the series, 4 were toss favored. 3rd world, gladiator, and transistor are all toss favored. I see a lot of people who don't really know broodwar keep saying "Snow won on the standard map therefore he is the better player". While gladiator is the most 'standard' map in the series, it has historically always been toss favored in PvT matchups. Trying to argue that Snow is better because he won on gladiator only reveals how little you know about starcraft. If we had a different 'standard' map like fighting spirit instead of gladiator, the series may very well have gone 3-2 in Flash's favor. If we replaced just one of the 'weird/cool' maps from this season (ex 3rd world) with a 'weird/cool' map from previous seasons (such as crossing field or gold rush), then the series could easily have gone in Flash's favor. Snow played incredibly well, but the map pool was what really gave him the edge he needed to win.

Discussing the tournament as a whole (as in, not this series specifically):
Obviously this map pool is really bad for terrans. Sparkle is utterly unwinnable for terrans in TvZ and heavily P favored in PvZ. Zerg/Sparkle alone killed most of the terrans in the round of 24, and protoss favored maps like gladiator finished off top-tier terrans like Last and Sea in the 5th matches.
I get that ASL is trying to avoid having another Flash tournament win. When Flash continually wins, viewership eventually declines because everyone assumes he is unstoppable. ASL successfully dethroned Flash, but I feel like they have done so at the cost of taking away more exciting matchups. TvZ is an incredibly fun matchup to watch, especially because the zerg players in the ASL like JD, soulkey, and larva are so good and are capable of beating flash on balanced maps. None of us can forget the intense series between JD and Flash in ASL season 2. TvZ really brings the best mix of aggression vs clutch defense with mutalisks whittling away at marine medic, and lurkers trying to hold a 3rd base.
PvT is also an exciting matchup. As a protoss player myself, nothing feels better than seeing zealots flood onto a tank line. Stork vs Last on fighting spirit in ASL season 4 ro24 was also an incredibly satisfying game.
TvT is perhaps the most positional, grueling, endurance-based matchup in the game. Rush vs Mind was a long game that saw many see-saws back and forth.
Because of the map imbalances, there were very few of these really exciting matches this season. In the TvZs that we did get, Terrans got stomped by zergs because instead of having maps that force incredible mutalisk micro and clutch defenses, zergs get 3 free gasses on islands and kill everything with devourers.
Other matchups suffer as well. Normally PvZ is an incredibly satisfying matchup to watch (Shuttle really brought his A-game in his group), but it's easy to see that zergs are disadvantaged on maps like 3rd world and sparkle. Larva, who went 3-1 vs Rain in the last season, lost to Shuttle in ro16 (on 3rd world) and got 3-0'd by Mini (two of the games were on Sparkle and 3rd world).

This is a really rambling post, but on the whole, while I appreciate the fact that ASL tried to experiment really hard and successfully prevented a 4th Flash ASL victory, I really hope they return to more balanced maps next season. ASL can't use weird/wonky maps forever to try to keep flash from winning. eventually the protoss and zerg players have to improve and become good enough to take on flash on a set of 5 balanced maps.

BlessedAgni says:

I'm glad flash lost – not because i dislike him or anything. But his gameplay in the last few seasons is made him so overpowered, it kinda almost felt there was no point for anyone to compete. Competitions are better when players are closely matched, if one becomes overpowered, there's not much to look forward to because you know who will win.

TrueNeutral EvGenius says:

Feels so good. Finally imba terrans lose. Well played, Snow! For Aiur. Get rekt, biotrash terrans.
Right decision, if race is imbalanced, then try to make it better balanced by maps. Well done.

Alex Friedman says:

That game 3 was so incredibly close. I think flash had a chance even till the very end like i think he could of tried to move a cc and try to start mining again. Like i dont think he realized how broke snow was. His last base was almost mined out also. Anyway great games and so glad flash lost finalllly man lol.

David Ma says:

EPIC GAMES!!! I wonder if FLASH attacks SNOW's main base instead of turning back and defending, will he have a chance to win match 5?

Beau Parkes says:

Really great games, I have another new Protoss to follow 🙂

David Brown says:

Anyone know the song playing at 1:16:20 ish? Cant hear enough to find it. Thx!

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