[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Finals

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Finals


Sébastien Marcotte says:

Epic match. Now a big fan of Effort ! Plus, Rapid is an outstanding interpreter ! His delivery of the translation is so smooth and natural it's impressive.

SpeedyBozar says:

I think you people need to sober up. I enjoyed this series and I know that in SC1 it's much harder to control your units etc. But based on just pure decision making, calculations etc., these guys are a level below the best SC2 players. I get it, you want to have some amazing stories, it's fine. But you can have amazing stories without lying to yourselves.

Magnuma diopside says:

Your winner Kim jhon woo. Hahahaha hahaha

del_ ky says:

Watching it for the third time.
I guess I love it! 😁

Tendies For Dessert says:

can someone tell NoRegret to develop some self awareness and start regretting all those annoying "OooOOaaaah?" noises?

SonsOfLothar says:

They need to have tasteless and artosis casting the finals if nothing else. NoRegret and Rapid are ok, but tasteless and artosis were made to cast broodwar. Its just not the same, especially on an epic final like this.

Tokamak says:

I was shocked at how smart, beautiful, interesting and emotional was Effort games. So create Tribute https://youtu.be/T4-EAFOHyUw

slash502 says:

what a badass intro, not as grand as 2010 but man their entry to the stage, especially flash was so boss

Nguyen Tho says:


elfootman says:

Stop yelling!!!

Ryan M says:

I really don't understand what Flash was doing in the last game…He stopped making any Marines for like 10 minutes straight.. Throw??

Пётр Васильев says:

wow wow Effort the Best

BlueSunset2202 says:

What an awesome series, thats just stuff SC2 will never be able to deliver !

Filippo Sguotti says:

Game 4 boiiiiiiissssss

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