[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Ro.16 Day3

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Ro.16 Day3
Group C: Mini, Shine, Best, Last


wiegraf_folles_ says:

Let's watch before youtube attacks us.

DeSTRoYeR992 says:

No disrespect to the guys who have been filling in for them, but it feels SO fucking good to have Artosis and Tasteless back.

Günter v. G. says:

Hey! Are you guys talking bout me?

canag0d says:

Artosis I have that issue where if you say a word too much it sounds like the word is wrong or weird. It happens sometimes when spelling words too like “is that really how you spell ‘threw’”.

Kevin says:

I love watching starcraft 1 but I’m so bad at playing it there’s basically no one at my skill level on the ladder.

I’m tired of watching pro sc2 though.

So I’m in a weird spot where I only watch sc1 but play sc2.

nizdeniz says:

mini bisu'd shine

Tyler Morgan says:

This is one of the greatest SC tournaments of all time

Eru says:

last map is still thrash for protoss. every game is the same. terran easily get 3 bases, push out 200/200. never even have to expand

BalkanHound says:

I've never been a graphics whore, but if they decided to do remastered and then did all the work on units and the buildings, couldn't they have fixed the templates for ramps as well. It really stings the eyes. Like someone just decided to drop random shit around it. (just look at 31:28)

EDIT: not to mention parts of the map that look like they've been cut off by scissors… and yeah, I fully understand that original BW didn't have any templates for "giant" ramps and other types, when it came to competitive mapmaking, so they would "seem" copy pasted repeatedly. Still, remastered could have fixed that small eye sore.

CaptainWumbo says:

Nice games today, hope this video can stay up for everyone.

JJ No says:

English casters are so underwhelming

Dinu says:

P vs Z is my favorite match up

David O'Rawe says:

What was that attack by Shine? I know Best had storms but Shine had baited them all out by the time he retreated. He was on 4 BASES and 6-8 HATCHERIES.

Boski Z Wioski says:

no worries Artosis, ive got the same issue with wordz ^^

Szgerle says:

That game 4 was absolutely great.

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