[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Ro.4 Day1

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Ro.4 Day1


David O'Rawe says:

Woah, a match that hasn't been removed!

Gustavo Piana says:

this terran play boring he just defense al the magic came from the zerg player

xxxx85 says:


That was amazing!! 😀 Fuck yeah Effort! Haha, gotta feel a bit bad that no one believes Shuttle has a chance against Flash… Even Tasteless and Artosis can't even bother to fake as if he has a chance. :p

bigopon says:

Last and Effort are so good at macro. Effort is excellent at micro, haven't seen anyone close to his level of micro recently. Last usually crushes his opponent with resources. Such nice match.

Daniel Santana says:

Omg that Z style, reminds me of Savior play.

JH Feather says:

lmao the drones at 2:03:17. Effort must have known he was going to win for sure even at that point. I wonder if Last telling him he had no chance of winning was why he decided to pull that out.

big pecs says:

Awesome match!

David Majak says:

That was amazing.

Transcendent Music says:

Effort fighting.

Furness Prime says:

This is Last's last ditch effort against Effort. Hah!

Soochul Song says:

1:55:58 lol at tasteless casting… artosis has to deal with him every game haha
-omg did he not find that ling
-that's a lot of lings, right?
-is there any value doing a drone drill?

Veto says:

For once the match time stamps are actually real

H3Row says:


ckyisyourfuture says:

that muta micro around 1:19:45 …holy

Kevin Votaw says:

can someone explain to me what those X's on Neo Transistor are? tasteless wanted artosis to know he knew what he meant so much so that I didn't get an explanation lmao. I assume they block having 2 hatcheries in a line super close to that line of minerals?

I- says:

Holy shit, that last game was phenomenal. Incredible display of skill by both of them, the best series yet. It's going to be a killer finals.

Gee Gun says:

Omg. Amazing.

dangerzone says:

Best pornhub material so far in this asl

Herms123 says:

Great series! especially that last game thanks for the cast

T0pel says:

I clapped! Seriously, best ZvT I have seen in a long time, can't wait for the finals, hope it is Flash vs Effort!

J2 digital says:

I thought I missed the other round of 4 because of the way the player interview went hahaha!

Appletank8 says:

Those Ling Mines in game 5 was awesome.

DeFelth says:

Finally, nice shirt 🙂 Good job! 🙂

kskseasfatstkv says:

omg!!! when is Flash vs Effort???

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