[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Ro.8 Day3

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S6 Ro.8 Day3


Human who chose the path of the Warrior Monk says:

Shuttle Pain Train

Jake Casperson says:

The amount of blind counters in brood war is kinda lame. Games being decided by "rock, paper, scissors" is the opposite of what a strategy game is supposed to be. And yeah, you could say that players make educated guesses of what they think their opponent is going to do, but it's still a poor game design imo.

Robert says:

We need someone to find the ASL music this season, so many good tunes 🙂

Kevin says:

Can we get Tasteless and Artosis proper make up? They look like they have end stage liver disease.

brav0wing says:

Shuttle is the Action Man! 😉

morenocorvini says:

omg bad casting of game 4.
You did not recognize that action made hidras only from hidden hatch and started immidiately to make drones in main and nat. It was a fake all-in.

xxxx85 says:

Just want to remind people to "like" these videos. Uploaders get more money from Youtube if they get more likes. It helps Afreeca to keep doing what they do!

Daniel Fishbein says:

Do they know that the description says that the game is SC2, not SC1…

bigopon says:

Both of these have no chqnce against effort

ancientsculpture says:

fucking korean gooks

Joel Caccha says:

Good games, well deserved for Shuttle

H3Row says:


greatbattlerex says:

what the song at 1:57:37

Kevin Votaw says:

Tasteless "Limited Number of Units in a Control Group" Plott

Wow4ik4ik says:

multitasking and micro. Thats what shuttle cannot do )))

naerokano says:

que mal jugo Action hoy

lendial says:

SC1 is so damn exciting to watch esp with mustalisks in play.

also, did the makeup crew go a little overboard on tastosis' makeup color?

Сергей Ким says:

What's the name of the song at 36:28? I can't Shazam it because Tastosis are talking 😀

In All Honesty says:

Shuttle got lucky, very lucky lol… wow

Marc Carillo says:

That was the most well deserved bo5 win ever.

A Literal God says:

36:35 the curse is solidified

Andrew Choi says:

"Gas-stealing trashtoss" and now "dirt nerd" lmao i love Artosis

quang lê says:

Congratulations! Shuttle

Wilder Córdova says:

Game 1 19:20
Game 2 44:00
Game 3 55:10
Game 4 1:24:45
Game 5 1:44:10

wiegraf_folles_ says:

Quickly Porhub re-up or we will lose the match.

I- says:


I'm honestly disappointed in Action, despite proving how good of a macro player he is in the past, he showed a real lack of self confidence here with all those cheesy agression games. Hope to see him improve in the future.

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