[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S7 Ro.16 Day1

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S7 Ro.16 Day1


crumbum2 says:

Looking at these guys its good to see the 90s have finally reached Korea. I remember the days of my youth with bouffants and round glasses. I bet they roll their pants cuffs and wear a lot of plaid too.

Kisai says:

Can we talk about the round the world Scarab. WTF

Ken Ny says:

20:26 Lol that music choice. Is this a 2008 WoW PvP montage? I hear Ultranumb

YayaBunWa says:

Though the world hasn’t progressed in the most optimal of ways – mass immigration from wars, terrorism, lots of financial crashes, global warming, and many more fears to come – but, of all the things to have had its dots joined just right for it to survive to this very day, I never would have thought I’d still be able to watch Starcraft BW in 2019, with it somehow getting better and more fierce than ever! Whatever stars had to align for us to be blessed with all our favourite top BW players as well as new upcoming ones constantly climbing the skill brackets, whatever stars they were, they really went out of their way to shine brightly on Starcraft.

I only hope that this is just the beginning. SC has lasted this long already—what’s another 10 years to its legacy after coming this far? Pylons crossed.

EzIG says:

I thought effOrt was serving in the military like Bisu. Great to watch him again.
However he hasnt uploaded anything to his YT channel ..,Does someone know anything? Has he got another YT channel? Or only streaming in Afreeca now?

Elyvilon says:

Oh my god that scarab, I've been playing and/or watching this game for decades and I've almost never seen anything like it.

The Seventh Apparition says:

When the vespene geyser is above or below the Nexus, you can easily line up where to place the pylon so it doesn't block the building placement of the nexus by using the vespene gas as a measuring tool… Basically the nexus lines up with the gas when you build it. Tastosis talks about this all the time, but they never mention it… Maybe they don't know? Well those who are curious how the pro protoss players place that pylon so precisely, that's how.

Mordra says:

Finally! Been waiting for the start of the round of 16!

TheLeafonthewind says:

what happened to Flash?

ryan weeber says:

music at 44:30?

Alup Chalup says:

A terran less… 3 to go

MildlyInfuri8ng says:

Horangi angry at his own reaver 😂😂

M L says:

Thank you AfreecaTV for continuing to support Starcraft Brood War! It makes me so happy knowing that I can still watch pro-level BW all these years later in 2019 💙💙

Beetny says:

PSA: The song at 2:10:55 is A Long Way to Fall – Choices SwiftRage

CaptainWumbo says:

when did gg timing get so bad? I think pros forgot at some point people are watching.

Sir Pente says:

25:57 (Whiteout) effort vs IamMong
52:16 (Whiteout) Horang2 vs organ
1:23:36 (Neo Sylphid) winners' match
1:48:00 (Neo Sylphid) losers' match
2:17:26 (Block Chain) qualifier for the 2nd place of the group

PS: Justin Mansfield sucks!

Ala Bala says:

which song starts in the beginning?

I- says:

"Everything is so bad nowadays."
Tasteless – 2019

Red Paulf says:

Aww, the picking wasn't uploaded

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