[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S7 Ro.16 Day2

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S7 Ro.16 Day2


BobfromSydney says:

At the start of each game this round I started researching Ventral Sacs so that I am ready to drop my jaw!
5 totally insane games this round!

TheHigherVoltage says:

1:24:40 – Sairs and scourge fly at the same speed. How the fuck did the scourge fly faster?

Joel Caccha says:

Crazy night !

Joshua Delahoussaye says:

Did Artosis start smoking? He's been coughing more than tasteless. whats going on Dan? 😛 SO HYPE about calm playing. I'm overjoyed to see my favorite player from a decade ago doing so well.

7th Quark says:

Snow has already won the "best game of the tournament" award

M L says:

Whytf would Calm lead Last's firebat directly to the location of his dropping overlords? That was so frustrating to watch haha. Of course I know BW is crazy hard so it is easy to make mistakes like that, but it seemed like he consciously did that.

nash kp says:

25:40 electric romeo, this is flash's song!

JC LEE says:

김성현 개이사끼

Ner0th says:

micro micro micro

uokutopa says:

those reaver shots of snow are like snowballs that always faceshoot

Johan Dannenberg says:

Best day of matches ever

supernodream says:

King of rusher!

uokutopa says:

the best non pron game, next to vtmb, is back!!!!

lunchbreak says:

who is this guy at 57:51? He has been in all ASL seasons…



Andrew Choi says:

Last two games were… frustrating to watch. Just really sad ways to see the two losing players drop out. I guess pretty unique tho. Ugh.

Andrew Choi says:

Snow: How should I play PvZ… fuck it, I'll just play it like PvT anyways.

iamLI3 says:

today's asl is defined by the following phrase

too late on the shield battery snow , why keep making probes when you know you're being proxied??? it's a crime he didn't make it into ro8 with playing games like that ;_; ….

Truxus says:

29:00 and on : no shit they Need the money

Herms123 says:

F last cheesy bastard took out 2 better players!!!

Bleak13 says:

Great games, so sad the loser of the last match didn't make it, can't believe he didn't scout with his build in a do-or-die situation.

In All Honesty says:

Yeah, KSL was a damn fluke. Fuck outta here, YOU SUCK SALTKEY

Aleksandar Prokopec says:

too much luck in ro16. snow seems like he was better

Daniel Bohac says:

absolutely stellar night of SC !

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