[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S7 Ro.8 Day2

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S7 Ro.8 Day2


Just The Worst says:

anyone else feel like koreans have jumped the shark with this naming paradigm? effort and mind? Really? I can't wait for the grand finals of sweat vs study. Maybe next year the up and comers stretching and phenomenological will meet. okay, actually phenomenological would be an amazing name and these things might sound cooler in korean, I don't know, I am just saying the one word noun/verb is getting played out a decade in.

C Alex says:

Do you agree that the more open field the map is, the better it is for Terrance?

Steinar Mathisen says:

This bo5 was really good. Effort is such a good player. Thanks to Afreeca, Nick and Dan for giving us great Starcraft. Top notch production. Much love

Patryk Cichosz says:

"Keep in mind that Mind has mined out his second base" Tasteless @ 1h44 hahaha

lendial says:

53:36 why is the hive on the nat and not the main?

Ian MacLean says:

Mind, you're killing me w/ Game 1. After all that….

Earthworm Jim says:

Mind very good offensive probing/harrassing player but it doesn't seem he can't follow up the macro/defense to the same level. Also I think it's a big mistake to not have warith/stealth in tvz as mutas can go freely and he is wholly dependent on only vessels to snipe defilers whereas a group of 4-6 wraith can 1-2 shot a defiler dep upgrades. Also having a few stealth wraith forces a zerg too micro overlords with his army costing him valuable micro time which lessen efficiency of defilers and will cost him more minerals and potentially supply block. Though it's easy for me as a amateur player to be sofa trainer/coach.

Earthworm Jim says:


meat meat says:

effort is sooooo good its unreal. when he isnt beating himself and he plays at his top form hes god tier zerg player.

TROLL says:

I've noticed artosis seems to give up on certain players when they are in a bad position but then they come back to win. It's happening quite a bit

willyolio says:

I wasn't expecting to hear Beast in Black here. Koreans have good taste.

WhoSeesYou says:

Damn look at Mind's wrist at 1:24:40

Exceed says:

Omg that game 1

mat bou says:

Thanks! this is find. The upgrade of sound is good. Continue your good job! BUT why terran do NEVER use GHOST for lock down the carier? OR nuke for break sunkin by zerg?

Paradigm Lost says:

The 1st game – Artosis: Effort hasn't come back yet…… 2 minutes later Mind GGs 🙂

supernodream says:

Recent Terran players were too much relying on "SK continuesly attacking, with only 2 bases", when vs Zergs; if this works (like game 2), they won; while if it does not work, they always die of out of minerals.  It's like the style Germany attacked Soviet Union 1941. To be honest, that's not interesting at all, we've been bored seeing such T V Z. Terran players should change the tacticks a little bit, not only for winning the game, but making T V Z a little bit more interesting.

LaIslaGrande 2 says:

Last game, nice!

Bevilliage says:

Are you a freak? Afreakbitch TV!

mat bou says:

Commentator: Could you please obgrade the playing volume in your setting because we listen you at 80% loud. We know you are there (live) but when you describe we don't anderstand enought the crowd and the playing volume, hydro explode, tank explode etc! Put it 50% 50%.

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