[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S8 Ro.24 Day2

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S8 Ro.24 Day2
[ VODs ] http://bj.afreecatv.com/aslenglish/vods


Spawn says:

So good to have at last a girl commentator

TheK3vin says:

I love the casting so much! passion level 1000 makes me want to go lose on the ladder

Joseph Orbino says:

Who is that Cadenzie lady? Weird speech

MichelleObama isAman says:

man that opening music sucks black dick

Jose Luis Oskara says:

Cadenzie best player and Artosis good player

James Patterson says:

Love when Cadenzie casts!!

Almirante Mata says:

This new commentator es pretty but sounds very shy. Needs to loosen up.

Phi Nguyen says:

the girl is good caster but she need to talks louder

SoldierCraft Cross says:

The lady is to monotone

peffiSC2source S says:

Nothing can beat the casting archon but I am happy to see that Starcraft still has a strong enough pull to draw in such promising casters. Keep it up!

BobfromSydney says:

"That Drone is a Hydralisk" RIP Probe.

Olodus says:

I like the co-caster. Artosis is very good at inviting new casters in to the conversation, but after a while she didn't need any of that and they had a super enjoyable and natural flow. Maybe could practice talking a bit louder sometimes, but otherwise really good. They make for a very different kind of cast than Tastosis. A little bit more like a conversation about the game than a cast. Still think I prefer the energy of a Tastosis cast but would be 100% up for her being the new co-caster when any of Tastosis needs a day off. Think she could go well with Tasteless too.

Great games too btw. Always love when Larva is playing.

Chief Doggingfood says:

You know you're getting thrashed when the caster says, "I feel so bad for him. He must be so nervous."

Claire Alexandria says:

I love when Cadenzie casts.

Brett McLean says:

Cadenzie did a great job, I love her knowledge especially for high level Zerg play since that is where Tasteless and Artosis are lacking. I only wish she would speak a little louder but I'm sure that kind of thing will come with time and experience.

Thomas Lansing says:

fantastic casting!

Worlder Music says:

Been waiting for a caster to contribute a fluid take on the game rather than Tasteless stumbling over the same comments about Protoss for the last 3 years
The nostalgia has worn off I'm afraid D: But this was great!

damagednoob says:

1:12:31 I understood that reference!

Kisai says:

Cadenza hype

Dr.Pieper says:

its like hearing a golf tournament cast. Speak louder !

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