[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S8 Ro.8 Day2

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[ENG] AfreecaTV StarLeague(ASL) S8 Ro.8 Day2
[ VODs ] http://bj.afreecatv.com/aslenglish/vods


Peng Zheng says:

1:49:08 Let's take some Action, how about a drone rush😂…

TPike777 says:

Damnit I hate to say it and disappoint Tastosis..But im one of those people who only really watches Broodwar.
I understand where theyre coming from. I used to love watching SC2 back in the HoTS days. But…i dunno, I kinda grew away from it once LoTV was introduced. Not that it was bad but it just changed to much for me. The adept was a cool unit..but it got old pretty quick. Cyclones were MASSIVELY OP in the early days and just werent fun to watch. Disruptors were poorly thought out early on..but did make for a few epic moments when they did get a hit off.
But the thing that killed it most for me was the insane worker count. It just made things way to fast pace. I enjoy broodwar because I can understand how difficult it is to master. SC2 is just a mess now imo. Have your 3rd expo by like the 5 minute mark with any given race..I just dont comprehend that.. and I dont enjoy watching it. The mellowness of Broodwar early game is unrivaled. And once things ramp up.. just knowing how hard it is to move armies and macro and do everything a pro can do is just so fun to watch. SC2 army battles are just not all that exciting alot of the time anymore.

Wot Wot says:

Flash vs Light? Should be read as Flashlight!

Shawn Lim says:

Really ?! Action was not the old Action ?!

Oleg K says:

1:22:48 mutes meme

JerseySlayer says:

After watching Game 4, I will guess: Action wins

In Game says:

Охуенные игры

스잘알 says:

김성대가 솔직히 유닛을 너무흘리는 모습은 아쉬웠지만 드론을 진짜 기가막히는 타이밍에 기가막히게 잘째고 공격할때와 쉬어갈때를 명확히 구분을 잘함 세부적인 것들 조금만 다듬으면 거의 완성형 저그가되겠는데ㄷㄷ

걍 판짜는 그림은 잘그리는데 완성도가 부족해서 아깝긴하다ㅠㅠ

boxiness says:

tvz really is the best match up

Kisai says:

Argh. How frustrating. The winner just wasnt great and the loser could have put on some amazing games next round.

Grah. Damnit.

MichelleObama isAman says:

i have to disagree with tasteless and artosis. starcraft 2 sucks balls. its a pussy-fied version of sc1 where you start out with all your harvesters already made. shits weak and has been dumbed down for people who dont know how to get good at something

J Lee says:

sucks to see current state of starcraft. I can see that players are aging. games are less skilled as the days pass by

Anthony N says:

Thank you for video and good luck to you !

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