[ENG] AfreecaTv // Truth or Dare (진실 아님 도전 게임)

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This was a broadcast me and Megan did a little while back but it was so much fun I just had to share anyways~

I haven’t broadcasted in a while due to some circumstances but I will return soon so keep an eye out for some updates!

Don’t forget to find me on:
Global AfreecaTv: http://www.afreeca.tv/carsonallen
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/afreecatvcarsonallen
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/carsonallen
Korean AfreecaTv: http://www.afreecatv.com/carsonallen


huggingMonster says:

me: starts watching and gives it a thumbs up
me: watches it till the end and wants to give a thumbs up
also me: why can't i give more than one thumbs up ?_?

Alyssa B says:

Megan's skin looks so pretty.

monia omar says:

Hosh I really love when you two are together it makes the videos funner!😁

LaughingFrenzy321 says:

I can't believe Carson drank it omg lol.

MissyBlood Sucker says:

I almost threw up when you sipped the spit, Megan is adorable as always! Love the channel Carson ❤️

ArsBlue says:

This was way too funny 😂😂 Megan is wild AF

UtubeXucks says:

Carsen, I missed your new cooking live cast by 6 hours =( how can we know when you're doing live casts? I think your facebook was down.

whadin XIA says:

this one is super funny, love it! looooool

King Kyong says:

This made me laugh so much! ^^

Gavin Gallagher says:

I have the afreeca tv app BUT the only Korean I can read is food names , how do I know when you guys have broadcasts lol

will. says:

interesting contents

Justin Walsh says:

I dare you Can you give a guy your age of older than you a 5 minute piggyback ride then flex ur arm muscles for 1 minute?

ArielAmazinggDay says:

this is so great! hahaha Carson, you are tooooo cute. haha

tae tae's chim chim says:

this video made me laugh. love watching you guys!

Gotthica1 says:

when will i see either of you onAfreecaTv again? None of the other broadcasters do not are not nearly as good. I'm so sorry that I never got to see a live broadcast from you all.

Waifuwifi says:

Omg I remember this broadcast lol I'm Raina831, I had to give you guys the stars because you guys were just too funny 😂😂😂

Jay Alexander says:

embarrassed to say but I was kind of turned on by this…. Yeah I said!

ChoNunMigookSaram says:

this was one of the most fun broadcasts evaaar!!!

Jooyong Chung says:

How Carson! Thank you so much for reminding me about the song 빙! Wow! It's been a while since I last heard that song!

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