[FANCAM 직캠] 171001 EXO CBX 엑소 첸백시 -being cute dorks/ interactions @ Korea Music Festival 팬덤스쿨 코뮤페

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CBX interacting with each other/ other idols and being dorks at the end of KMF (Fandom School) while waiting for their turn to throw balls. ^^

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Shruti Kumari says:

at 1:15 baekhyun is like oh it's twice….then at 1:20 he pretends not looking….and at 1:26 baekhyun : everyone is here where is momo…at 1:31 at last he gets her view..lol
baekmo ..just for fun ..

Kim Nana says:

all the girls were throwing the ball in a girly soft way then there's my ult female bias i mean male bias who throw the ball like a real men . i'm so done with her 3:14

Arriane Mae Lingo says:

Chen and baek checking jennie🤣🤣🤣

Vinh Trần says:

Hyerin and Hani so cute

Denny Dulfo says:

oh yessss save the best for last💞💕King Exo

otakulkpop //// says:

Song please 2:32

Kim Yujin says:

Baekhyun looked at jennie hahaha.❤️

Kim Nana says:

let's make things clear here, exo didn't just look at blackpink or apink or twice ,they look at all the groups who pass: gfriend exid twice blackpink even the boy groups winner nu"est… .so no need to say they love this group or that group

Kim Nana says:

3:14 i'm so done with hani 😂😂😂😂😂😂

대박 says:

Can someone please tell me the songs playing for Nu'est, BTOB and the group at 4:26? I haven't been paying attention to the k pop scene these days so i don't recognize the songs and even some groups T_T

Yusa Puteri says:

These guys really responds well to BlackPink.. I'm so glad they do!! 😊

Ayesha Ramos says:

5:29 Baekhyun taking off his suit is so hot

Jeyz Lee says:

Exo stiffed when Apink came forward

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