[FANCAM] 141025 Trouble Maker @ MBC Korean Music Wave In Beijing 2014

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cre: 侑莉OH
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Greisi Andino says:

He kept looking at her so intensively

Eleonora Aliberti says:

Outfit on top 🙂

Kristin Diamandis says:

is there no official video? I keep looking & I cant find any like I see they used camera's😭

Lai 賴 says:


Ana Tejeda Pastor says:

ohhh pero 7-7 que pasho

estela maldonado says:

si se fijan en todos sus videos se notan sus buen atributo jijijijij

estela maldonado says:


Black says:

Hyunseung andaba todo exitado

Emy Queen says:

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh LOL the backdancers in 3:16 the guys kissed her for real hhhhhhhhh :p

KANG HA IN says:

hyunseung andaba todo ido xD

김나나 says:

트러블메이커  컴백      장현승   대박

cassie lie says:

Hyunseung looked exhausted 🙁 but still very hot with that outfit and hairstyle 😉

Inori says:

It's nice to see them together again ^^

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