[FANCAM] 160724 Jessica @ Tan Son Nhat Airport back to Korea

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[FANCAM] 160724 Jessica @ Tan Son Nhat Airport back to Korea
Cre: Linh Đan


Congan Hochiminh says:

I wish your Vietnamese fans can understand your songs since you didn't sing any english song

Steffy Ani says:

Who the male next to her? I think it's navy color suit that he's wearing…

lion heart says:

Who is she? Is she an actress ?
Does she has any drama series ?

Chill coldhearted says:

Im a fan of her bodyguards haha

tina liu says:

Love you Jessica, so cute and beautiful!!!! <3

Kim Hwang says:

I'm glad our precious jess found a worthy company who value her. Keep on smiling our ice princess(who is now melting) ❤

Jiminimized says:


Chuphienz 19 says:

Sorry but I focused on that Bodyguard more than Jessica herself 😎

Thin Chu Minh Thin says:

có anh vệ sĩ đẹp trai v

Sylvia Acosta says:

Jessica!! 😍😍😭😭

raa22 jess says:

she's like a President's daughter having that much bodyguards..gorgeous and bubbly as always,top class!😁😁

Dalton Garcia says:

cooool jessica ♥

Vy Lê says:

Thằng nào nói "Sửa k mà đẹp gì" vậy

michael bertaux says:

wow…more security than a president……………..love Jessica…………………….classy lady…………

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