[Fancam] BTS Reactions MMA 2018 Cute Moments

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BTS MMA 2018 Reaction With BlackPink,
BTS MMA 2018 Fancam,
BTS Melon Music Awards 2018 Eng Sub, Fake love, Air plane pt 2, Idol live performance MMA 2018 (Who Are you), AAA 2018, BTS Awards, Bangtan Awards

Jungkook, Taehyung, Suga, J-hope, Jimin, Jin, Rap Monster


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my moonlight says:

Namjoon and jimin at the beginning are so funny

della says:

3:52 what is this? who is their reacting at?

Ji Yong says:

Jungkook's clap tho. 💕

chimmy chimmm says:

8:33 jhope realising that he is not in his home….😂

ส ส says:

Jimin so cute. 💖💖💖💖💘

•Golden Maknae• says:

3:30 hoseok, namjoon! what's going on with those eyes? 😂 they're distracted with Blackpink's beauty.✨WELL.. HELLO TO THOSE HALF ARMY AND HALF BLINKS OUT THERE!


Blackpink 💜 💖 💙 💗 💓

•Golden Maknae• says:


As matter of fact says:

I really love All of Their personalities tho :")
They don't shy to show their reaction, so genuine 💜
And for Our leader, always enjoy & show He loves every performances with that dimples arghhh 😍

Phương Nguyễn says:

Bts muôn năm….

Neko YT says:

On the firdt one they were watching a little girl dancing :') and V was smiling like a proud, proud father! ♡♡ Adorable ~~

no 02 says:

just say ur blacktan shiper and go


So basically it was "Bts reacting to blackpink's song"

Jung Hoseok says:

The only thing I did was to see if BTS and BLACKPINK had any kind of contact;;~

last bn least says:

Your intro reminded me how much I miss run episodes 😔

Mariam Cute says:

what song on 4:46? please!

いろぽんARMY!! says:


Suga'nın Rüyası says:

Namjoon senin o gamzelerine ölünce gömülür, Jin senin o güzel yüzünde rüyalara dalıp, Yoongi senin o gülüşünde 32 dişinin birden çıkmasına ölürür, Hope seninle umutlara dalıp, Jimin senin ise gülünce o gözlerinin kısılmasını saatlerce izleyip, V senin o kare gülüşünle hayaller kurup, Kook senin de o tavşan dişlerini yerim HEPİNİZİ ÇOK SEVİYORUM BANGTAN. I LOVE BTS -(Türk)Army

Hành Tây says:


h M says:

V and the little girl soo cute

Maria Delacruz says:

ang qt nakakainis huhuhuhu

Maria Delacruz says:

jusq bangtannnn❤

Jenni 79 says:

Who was sitting behind Guanlin at 0:42???

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