[Fancam] KNK, SNUPER, E.X.I.D, HIGHLIGHT 2017 Feel Korea in London!【Xina】

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[FanCam] KNK, SNUPER, E.X.I.D, HIGHLIGHT 2017 Feel Korea in London!【Xina】

Hey all!
Today is probably the longest video I’ll ever upload, and the last time I’ll ever do a video like this :’D as it is a fancam of the recent Kpop concert in London!
I had such an incredible day spent with friends and countless Kpop fans, and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I can’t wait for the next London Korean Festival ^-^
I also plan to soon upload a video of the daytime event including all the contestants in the Kpop Dance Competition so I hope you look forward to that, thanks!

1:06 KNK
15:08 Special stage of ‘You Raise Me Up’ performed by Hyerin
19:17 Snuper
32:55 Special Stage ‘Thinking Out Loud’ performed by KNK
37:45 E.X.I.D
51:00 Special stage BTS Medley LoKo x Snuper
55:16 Highlight
1:11:45 Encore Stage
1:15:46 Misc KNK Close Up Footage

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My gear:
Canon 750D
18-55mm lens
50mm lens


stillchloe says:

from 56:31 onwards you can see my gopro oopsies >.<

Linh Vo Thuy says:

Exid 😘😘😍

Becky Wilton says:

-Xinachu Was it expensive to go to the concert?, i am thinking of saving up for next year so its just so i know what the price range is x

Ship everyone says:

so lucky to meet KNK. (>_<)

Bianca Fiestas says:

I'm crying cuz I was supposed to be there but I was in Switzerland on that weekend and ONLY that weekend 😭😭😭

-swaytae - says:

Then there's me who couldn't attend (,:

Patricia says:


Rika Hi says:

EXID my bebies.

Myla Swing says:

really love Snuper😍😍😍

Junkwang Loves says:

The cheers when Highlight performing! 👍👍

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