Funny Games Shows That Only Exist In Japan [Compilation] 2017 (You Have To See It) …

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Funny Games Shows That Only Exist In Japan [Compilation] 2017 (You Have To See It) …
(recommended see it through to the end) #japaneseshows
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Unknown says:

I’m already dying in the intro

Nghị Lã says:


عبدالله فلوك says:

الجوده خراااا

Vinoth Shepard says:

Parental guidance

Ameliemichelle says:

Jesus fucking Christ man if I New how annoyed no you’re opening song thing was going to be I never would have clicked on this!
Boo to you man I say Boo’

CasualBarehn says:


A Potato says:

Get these questions right or we will kill you

Hisoka Morow. says:

japanese is that the effects of the atomic bomb?

Brong Yun says:

Wtf game….

Dean Warren says:

whaat a lucky guy

パンアイ says:


sibi chakk says:

last one copied by Vijay TV sagalai vs ragalai…from japan

ღкคтzuห-pяσducт¡σหรღ says:

3:31 wow……

molham sports says:

in 5 :40 i came too

Jlord 32 says:


*saw the handjob while singing and paused the video.

TheDaveMaybe says:

A game show where hot girls jerk you off? Where do I sign up?

박 박 says:

why this lkind like sex culture depend on just for man? not for woman. that is only problerm in their (man )culture

Meme boi says:

I want to be in the singing show

Lane Happel says:

3:20 i want to be on that show

Laloni Chester says:

Was she jacking him off? 😱 did I see a blackanese a black Chinese guy

Rayan leader says:

alger!en !ban hna

Jaywolf Ak says:

😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 I can't… poor guy 😭😭😂😂😂

김재현 says:

sa su ga monkey

Apollon Lv says:

Nice Karaoke!

Jenna G. says:

I couldn't do that mummy game. no thank you!

Gerunko Aleio says:

if anybody interested the thumbnail is porn from studio rocket (RCT).

Mohan B says:

i would definitely sing there to get a free handjob

BiBe ku says:


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